Volume VIII, Issue VII – August 2019

Letters to the Editor

On the Subject of John Schlichter’s recent articles
By Kik Piney (France)


Project Management Education Is a Life-long Quest – Interview with Harold Kerzner, PhD, Author, Professor, Director, International Institute for Learning, (USA)
By Yu Yanjuan, PMR (China)

Featured Papers

Artificial Intelligence Ethics in the Project Management and Civil Engineering Domains
By Bob Prieto (USA)

In-depth View on the Construction Contracts
By Prof Dr. Mostafa H. Kotb, Dr. Mohamed Abo Al Anwar, Eng. Haytham Baraka (Egypt)

Effects of Motivation on Workers’ Performance of Selected Firms in Abia State, Nigeria
By Dr. Uzoma F. Amaeshi (Nigeria)

Critical Review of Factors Inhibiting the Adoption of Green Building Design in Nigeria
By Sunday Ajiboye Babarinde, Oludolapo Ibrahim Olanrewaju, Oluwatobi Nurudeen Oyefusi, Modupeoluwa Olajumoke Adeyemo (Nigeria)

Alternative Solutions for Improved Cost Estimation Process in IT Projects using MADMA
By Vinith Rajan (India)

Best Methods of Alternate Dispute Resolution to tackle Conflicts in the IT Industry: A tactical approach to future IT contracts
By Neethu Anna Sam (India)

The best alternative for solving uncertainties in complex IT project planning, risk management, and change management
By Hao Sun (China)

Comparing the Effects of ABC and BIM in Construction Projects and Choose the Best Solution to Minimise the Delay and Cost Overrun Using MADMA
By Justin Johnson (India)

Can the use of a multi-dimensional WBS help salvage your IT project?
By Gabin Vallet (France)

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Series Articles

Taking responsibility for our actions: The return of stewardship (Advances in Project Management)
By Prof Darren Dalcher, PhD (UK)

A strategic approach to product stewardship (Advances in Project Management)
By Dr. Helen Lewis (Australia)

The Cooperative Transformation (Project Business Management)
By Oliver Lehmann (Germany)

3. Contexts of projects undertaken by supplier organisations (SOs) and by owner organisations (OOs)
By Alan Stretton (Australia)

The PNR – Positive to Negative Ratio (Positive Leadership in Project Management)
By Frank Saladis (USA)

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Advisory Articles

What is the Difference Between DevOps and Scrum?
By Brian Vanderjack (USA)

Continuous Process Improvement as a Function of Program Management
By Steve Ford (USA)

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Alexander and the Indian King: Part 3
By John Schlichter (USA)

Future PM Trends
By Yu Yanjuan (China)

A time of change: Reflections on my term as APM president
By David Waboso (UK)

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A brief overview of the Euram conference in Lisbon in June 2019
By Prof Helgi Thor Ingason, PhD (Iceland)

The PMI Madrid Spain Chapter continues with its AGILE Initiative in Spain (Project Management Update from Madrid – English & Spanish)
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

Prime Ministerial Impact, BREXIT, APM News, IPMA Research Awards, A Conflict Over Project Success and Buckingham Palace needs a Project Manager (UK Project Management Roundup)
By Miles Shepherd (UK)

Updates from Project Management Association Finland, PMI Finland Chapter, Olkiluoto 3 and Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plants, Helsinki’s Länsimetro extension, Raide-Jokeri light rail transit project (Finland Project Management Roundup)
By Dr. Jouko Vaskimo (Finland)

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Student Papers

Risk Management in Dairy Contracting: A Study in France, Australia, and the United States
By Angel Tania, SKEMA Business School, Lille (France & Indonesia)

The contractual strategy of performance managers to avoid losses of a cancelled concert and perpetrate the event
By Tom Perrigaud, SKEMA Business School, Lille (France)

Managing and Controlling Construction Delays using Guild Management Techniques
By RAMA SUBBU Naveen Aravind, SKEMA Business School, Paris (France & India)

The redaction of fair cancellation and recording clauses in music event sector
By Chloé Forget, SKEMA Business School, Paris (France)

Dispute Resolution when Negotiating and Contracting IT Outsourcing Contracts
By Sophie Malherbe, SKEMA Business School, Chambourcy (France)

Advancement of Drones in Electrical Transmission and Distribution Construction
By Pandya Brijalkumar Hasmukhlal, SKEMA Business School, Lille (France & India)

How can companies comply with 2018 GDPR regulation while earning benefits?
By Etienne Plassard, SKEMA Business School, Lille (France)

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Second Editions

Managing for Meaningful Outcomes
By Charles G. Chandler, PhD (USA)

Can complex adaptive systems help the wicked problem that is project management?
By Dr. Michael Pace (USA)

Project Manager Transition: A new skill set for managing large and complex projects
By Richard Wyatt (UK)

A VUCAA-Mindset and VUCAA-Model for Project Business Management in the 4th Industrial Revolution
By Darrel G. Hubbard, Peter W. Rogers (USA)

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Book Reviews

The Complete Project Manager: Integrating People, Organizational, and Technical Skills (Barrett-Koehler)
By Randall Englund (USA), Alfonso Bucero (Spain)
Reviewed by Valentina Rada, PMP (USA)

Transforming Business with Program Management: Integrating Strategy, People, Processes, Technology, Structure and Measurement (CRC Press)
By Satish P. Subramanian
Reviewed by Deborah Reinagel, PMP (USA)

Project Management of Large Software-Intensive Systems: Controlling the Software Development Process (CRC Press)
By Marvin Gechman
Reviewed by Lauren Puglisi (USA)

The Power of Project Leadership: 7 keys to help you transform from project manager to project leader (KoganPage)
By Susanne Madsen (UK)
Reviewed by Muhammad Umar Tariq (Pakistan)

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