The Power of Project Leadership



Book Title: The Power of Project Leadership: 7 keys to help you transform from project manager to project leader
Author: Susanne Madsen
Publisher: KoganPage
List Price: $28.47
Format: Soft cover, 265 pages
Publication Date: January 2015
ISBN: 978-0-7494-7234-4
Reviewer: Muhammad Umar Tariq
Review Date: November 2018




The title of this book “The Power of Project Leadership” Tells us half of the idea for how we can transform a good project manager into Good project leader; it also tends to the requirement for administration in the present fast paced world with cutting edge and different comes. I expected a book about administration hypothesis anyway; what I got was an extraordinary sensible manual for truly doing initiative with bunches of stories, models and activities. Extraordinary book, incredible writing skills open door with the end goal to assess their authority and administration abilities. It Strengthen the commence that the present venture director is anticipated to attempt and support less. This Book was exceptionally clear, simple to study and offered numerous tips with the end goal to enhance your Project initiative aptitudes

Synopsis of Book’s Structure

The message all through the book is straightforward; the manner in which we are as venture directors are conveying ventures isn’t working. Project disappointments are high and it’s an extraordinary worry for our clients. (Section 2) portrays that how we can enhance our task administration aptitudes. Turning a camera on your administration abilities can be troublesome. Susanne’s methodology is deliberate and can encourage people to see their qualities and shortcomings reliably. The dialog about the enabling mindset is awesome. I believe that one in everything about key authority learnings is that you essentially will administration your own reaction to occasions and having an inspirational attitude will make propelled things less demanding to oversee.

(Part # 3) The seven keys to extend administration made reference to inside the book, are important and extremely rational. The information provided for everything about keys is helpful and handy now not just a bundle of axioms. By method for grasping those seven keys, you may roll out excellent improvement and enhance your task initiative. You set the pace, make little incremental alterations or cross substantial something, you do your gathering and your partners might be amazed

(Part 4) gives a theoretical on executing the data shown in past sections. The maker additionally elucidates how to incite liberated of the antiquated ways that have not been serving and uses these gadgets to understand the expanded objective.


The Power of Project Leadership gives a basic however viable manual for enhancing your venture authority abilities. I like the strategy for getting physical exercises to reinforce the critical things, picking up information of impacts and real presence models from venture directors. Susanne has moreover given a website that gives supplemental texture alongside agendas, moving recordings and diverse reference substances. Here is a site http://www.powerofprojectleadership.com/

Highlights What I liked!

Chapter three has a lot to supply for a project manager and leadership. UN agency is willing to be told and check out new skills. I like how the author says nice leaders place their name in danger by adopting/trying out new ideas. Moreover, good leaders like to challenge, question, listen and realize that they do not have answers to all or any the queries.


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About the Reviewer

Muhammed Umar Tariq

Lahore, Pakistan



Graduate Holder with a Degree of BBA Hons from University of South Asia, Lahore, Pakistan. Currently doing Master in Business Administration from Same University, majoring in Management Sciences. Final thesis and Some Class project Mentions: Management and risk control of financial institutions, Global Marketing Situations, First Hybrid Car Introduced in Pakistan, E-Learning (Future of Online Education).

He holds Certification in Computerized Accounting and Certification in MS Foundation, and has delivered 10+ Presentations on Self Made Topics, Researches at University Level, participated in different types of Symposiums, Coaching Sessions & Motivational Lectures.

He is currently working at Daewoo Express Pakistan Head office as a Senior Executive in the Investment and Planning Department. Consistently achieved all the targets, Passionate about learning new skills, Developed strong skill set including in depth data and company management Expertise, Honed ability to manage conflict and deal with demanding individuals.

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