Editor’s Choice Awards

Recognition for great articles, reports and papers published in the PM World Journal

The PM World Journal publishes many excellent works each year by authors around the world.  At the end of the year, a number of articles and papers published in the PM World Journal during the previous 12 months will be selected for recognition.  This awards program was launched in December 2017 with award winning works selected by PMWJ’s managing editor, and announced as the inaugural Editor’s Choice Awards.

Winners were initially in two categories: Papers and Articles.  The awards were expanded in 2018 to include Reports and Student Papers.  The papers are selected from among ‘featured papers” only.  PMWJ featured papers each month are original works by experienced and often very accomplished authors.  The articles must also be original, but are shorter in nature, often enlightening and useful to program and project managers worldwide. Reports are by PMWJ international correspondents in various countries, with some of their best works selected for recognition.  Student Papers were created by graduate students at major universities.  All of the award-winning articles, reports and papers are well written, contribute to the global PM body of knowledge and are worth reading. Some are bound to become classics!

Criteria for award winning papers:

  • Original topic, with significant potential impact on the project management profession, including standards and bodies of knowledge; and/or
  • Significant potential impact on the management of programs, projects and organizations; and/or
  • Significant potential positive impact on society itself

Criteria for award winning articles:

  • Original, stimulating and (sometimes) entertaining; and/or
  • Of significant potential (and practical) usefulness to practicing project management professionals and organizations
  • Make a significant contribution to the project management professional body of knowledge

Winning authors receive a certificate, recognition and free lifetime membership in the PM World Library at www.pmworldlibrary.net.


2020 PMWJ Editor’s Choice Award Winners

2020 Editor’s Choice Awards – Papers
2020 Editor’s Choice Awards – Articles
2020 Editor’s Choice Awards – Reports
2020 Editor’s Choice Awards – Interviews, Case Studies, Stories


2019 PMWJ Editor’s Choice Award Winners

2019 Editor’s Choice Awards – Papers
2019 Editor’s Choice Awards – Articles
2019 Editor’s Choice Awards – Reports
2019 Editor’s Choice Awards – Student Papers


2018 PMWJ Editor’s Choice Award Winners

2018 Editor’s Choice Awards – Papers
2018 Editor’s Choice Awards – Articles
2018 Editor’s Choice Awards – Reports
2018 Editor’s Choice Awards – Student Papers

2017 PMWJ Editor’s Choice Award Winners – Papers and Articles



To be considered for an Editor’s Choice Award, submit an article or paper for publication in the PM World Journal.  Contact editor@pmworldjournal.com.