About PM World Journal

Welcome to the new PM World Journal, a non-refereed online publication devoted to knowledge creation and sharing, and continuous learning in the field of modern program and project management (P/PM). The PM World Journal is an educational and informative source of P/PM knowledge and information; it is also a service to those who want to share knowledge and experience, get published or gain visibility.

The PM World Journal contains original articles, papers, case studies, reports and other works by authors worldwide who have agreed to share their knowledge or experiences with others.  Each edition also contains interviews, tributes and stories from and about leaders in the field.  We also occasionally republish papers that have continued relevance and where the authors retain copyright or obtain authorization for republication.  Please respect the original work of our authors and do not copy or use their works improperly or without the authors’ permission.

The PM World Journal is also a source of new information.  Each edition contains news stories about people and organizations engaged in project management, as well as articles about P/PM research, education, events, professional activities, industries, and actual programs and projects.  These stories are often created by our active network of international correspondents.  Check out their profiles and their works. Read the PM World Journal to stay abreast of new developments in the field of P/PM.

The PM World Journal is produced monthly by PM World Inc., a professional organization based in the United States but with advisors, authors, correspondents and stakeholders in various countries around the world.  PM World is a virtual organization reflecting the 21st century reality of a connected world where individuals and organizations worldwide can collaborate for the creation, sharing and application of new knowledge.

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