PM World Journal Mission

The PM World Journal is intended to be a global resource for continuous learning and knowledge sharing related to Program and Project Management (P/PM).  It is intended to help advance the global project management profession and to promote professional P/PM in support of positive economic, political and social development around the world.  We believe that is best accomplished through creation of new P/PM knowledge, the sharing of that knowledge, and the application of that knowledge in ethical, professional and sustainable ways.

Strategic Objectives

The following objectives are shared with the PM World Library, the online repository for articles, papers and other works first published in the PM World Journal.

  • To promote and support the creation of new P/PM knowledge
  • To provide greater recognition and visibility for the authors and creators of that new P/PM knowledge
  • To promote and support the transfer of that knowledge to individuals, organizations and locations where professional P/PM may be weak, less available or badly needed
  • To provide an easily accessible online repository of P/PM knowledge and information – as a global resource for continuous learning and knowledge sharing
  • To promote the sharing and use of modern, professional P/PM for addressing and solving more of the world’s problems – to make this world a better place