Volume X, Issue I – January 2021


Welcome to the January 2021 PMWJ
By David Pells, Managing Editor (USA)


Project Management needs a Higher Purpose!
Part 1: Introduction, the Perfect Storm, Crises & PM
By David Pells, Managing Editor (USA)

Letters to the Editor

On the Important Role of the PM World Journal
By Massimo Pirozzi (Italy)


The Impact of Projects and Project Management Will Increase; Interview with Joop Schefferlie, President-elect, International Project Management Association
By Yu Yanjuan, PMR (China)

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Featured Papers

Large Complex Project Success: Have we institutionalized the wrong lessons?
By Bob Prieto (USA)

Critical success factors of project management in African power utilities: Enhancing project management performance
By Dr. Lalamani Budeli (South Africa)

The principle of continuity, longevity and perpetuation of the life of human systems as a basis for the mathematical theory of human behavior and activity:  Part 2. Change management in light of the principle of continuity, longevity and perpetuation of human life
by Pavel Barseghyan, PhD (Armenia & USA)

Title Modular Construction vs Traditional Construction, a Total Cost of Ownership Comparison of Data Centre Construction
By Danilo Arba (Italy & Peru)

Building Multidimensional Standardized Work Breakdown Structure, Cost Breakdown Structure, and Cost Estimation of The Battery Laboratory Project
By Tony Noorwicaksono (Indonesia)

Indonesia Aviation Fuel Facilities Project Cost Estimating Process vs the NASA Cost Estimating Process – a Process Benchmarking Study
By Femto Nur Pratama (Indonesia)

Predicting the Future Minimum Wage in Indonesia Using Historical Data and Purchase Power Parity Equivalency
By Muhammad Artono (Indonesia)

Library Automated Management System in St, Ann’s College of Engineering & Technology, Nayuneplli (V), Chirala – Using Smart Campus Software
By Bezwada Ravi Kumar (India)

How Integrated Micro Scheduling Can Save Your Project Management Initiative
By Dale Deardorff, PhD (USA)

Ensuring quality in online education: A review report
By Dr Ashwani Kharola and Pooja Rawat (India)

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Series Articles

Leading the transformation: Navigating disorder in times of crises (Advances in Project Management)
By Prof Darren Dalcher, PhD (UK)

The Transformation Journey (Advances in Project Management)
By Jonathan Whelan (UK)

Do You MOOC? (Converting to Online Teaching)
By John Cable (USA)

Deliberate and emergent strategies, and a classification of strategic drivers (Revisiting organisational strategic management, Part 3)
By Alan Stretton (Australia)

Part 1: Motivation, History, Design (Developing a Standards Based PMIS)
By Jeremy C. Bellah, PhD (USA)

The Beneficial Effects of Transformational Leadership (Positive Leadership in Project Management)
By Frank Saladis (USA)

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Covid Virus Pushing Education to Online Learning/Teaching Creates Big Challenges:  Ethical, Practical & Financial Issues for Teachers/Professors and Administration Leadership
By Michael Marshall, PhD (USA)

Security for the 21st Century and Beyond: A Call To Action
By Eddie R. Williams and Marc Gravez (USA)

Disruption and System Change
By Veikko Välilä (Finland)

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Zimbabwe Government Launches new 2021-25 Economic Development Blueprint (Project Management Update from Harare)
By Peter Banda (Zimbabwe)

After 2nd World Project Management Forum (WPMF) Virtual Meet (Project Management Update from Istanbul)
By Ipek Sahra Ozguler (Turkey)

Updates from Project Management Association Finland, PMI Finland Chapter, Olkiluoto 3 and Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plants, Helsinki’s Länsimetro extension, Raide-Jokeri light rail transit project (Finland Project Management Roundup)
By Dr. Jouko Vaskimo (Finland)

PMI Madrid Spain Chapter 2020 Summary (Project Management Update from Madrid – English & Spanish)
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

2020 Achievements, Member Activities, Plans for 2021 (CaProSoc 2020 Update)
By Reinhard Wagner (Germany/Slovenia)

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Second Editions

The Post-Mortem You Never Want: How to Determine Findings from a Troubled Project
By Bob Prieto (USA)

Projectification and its impact on societal development in Germany
By Reinhard Wagner (Germany)

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Book Reviews

Achieving Successful and Sustainable Project Delivery in Africa (Routledge)
By Dr. Okoro Chima Okereke
Reviewed by Allan Langat (USA)

Digital Project Practice: Managing Innovation and Change (tradition GmBH)
By Dr. Tobias Endress (Editor), multiple authors
Reviewed by Lakshmi Subramanian (USA)

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Recent News

The Business of WE

33 new works added to PMWL in January

Call for Participation: “The Impact of Projectification on Society” research project

Call to Action – “Cognitive Readiness in Turbulent Times” Project

Call for Participation: AMEA 2021 Conference – Project Management stream

2021 Integrated Program Management Workshop