On the Important Role of the PMWJ



On the Important Role of the PMWJ [1]

24 December 2020

Dear David,

Thank you so much for your holiday greetings, which I warmly reciprocate.

The importance of the PMWJ’s role is continuously increasing, and I am more and more happy and honored to be a part of its Community. In particular, I am pleased that I had the chance of contributing to the Journal and to the Library, and I will try to go further in submitting to you thoughts, articles and papers. In this phase, in which programs and projects are of greatest relevance – also because, as you say: “programs and projects will determine the future of PM standards and processes, not the other way around” – I will try to contribute by sharing my experience and my thoughts in some of the diverse sectors that I practiced, in order to highlight some benefits that the application of a stakeholder-centered project management may generate. First sector was, and will continue to be, healthcare, and others will follow in the near future.

I do strongly believe, especially in the dramatic and chaotic present situation that we are experiencing worldwide, that the role of the project management community can be essential in not only facing emergencies, but also mostly in the next reconstruction phase. Indeed, we are and will be called to participate, at different levels, to a scenario that includes new additional levels of complexity, and which requires an ever-greater priority to the delivered value – in its both business and social dimensions. In this scenario, it seems evident that both the knowledge sharing and the use of a common language are foundational instruments to face the multilevel complexity of the situation, and to ensure the efficacy and the efficiency that are required in order to deliver project value satisfying stakeholder requirements and expectations.

In addition, I do strongly believe that the PM World Journal has the essential role of being the sole reality that can represent our community also taking into account all our diversities, and give to diverse colleagues worldwide the opportunity to share their experiences, so providing a basic contribution to above knowledge sharing – also in terms of inspirational cues – and guaranteeing “de facto” the use of a common PM language. Indeed, we may structure standards in competences, processes, knowledge areas, practices, principles, or performance domains, we may use predictive, adaptive, or hybrid approaches, but Project Management was, is, and will be a sole comprehensive discipline, and, therefore, the availability of a common knowledge base, in which diversities can converge, as PMWJ can ensure, is a precious commodity for all our PM Community.

My hope, and my wish for this New Year, are that our project management community is more and more aware, cohesive, ready to action, and, then, influential in today’s society.

All my best

Massimo Pirozzi
Rome, Italy


[1] How to cite this work: Pirozzi, M. (2021). On the important role of the PMWJ, Letter to the Editor, PM World Journal, Vol. X, Issue I, January. https://pmworldlibrary.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/pmwj101-Jan2021-Pirozzi-on-important-role-of-pmwj-Letter-to-Editor.pdf