May 2022 PM Update from PMO Global Alliance India Hub

  We celebrate our first anniversary! PMOGA India Hub writing competition: Winning article The PMO Leader and PMOGA India Hub became … [Read more...]

June 2022 PM Update from Madrid

  REPORT By Alfonso Bucero International Correspondent Madrid, Spain The PMI Madrid Chapter supports the Ukrainian people Due … [Read more...]

From PMO to APO

  The Transformation of a Project Management Team   SECOND EDITION By Celina Saavedra, Dr. Schenita Floyd, Mohammad … [Read more...]

The Journey towards Profound Simplicity:

  How to Effectively Navigate Complexity in Projects [1]   SECOND EDITION By Lavagnon Ika Professor of Project … [Read more...]

Bring Me A Measure:

  How to Fulfill Leadership’s Request for Performance Measures [1]   SECOND EDITION By Susan Hostetter and John Walsh U.S. … [Read more...]

Fix management, to fix organizations, to fix the planet

  SECOND EDITION By Charles G. Chandler, PhD Virginia, USA ABSTRACT The basic idea of traditional management is that each … [Read more...]

The Lack of Project-related Experience

  Amongst Government Ministers   COMMENTARY By Martin Hopkinson United Kingdom In his recent paper, Alan Stretton (1) … [Read more...]

Commentary on “higher purposes” for project management

  via partnering to tackle broad societal / environmental issues   COMMENTARY By Alan Stretton, PhD (Hon) Sydney, … [Read more...]

Monitoring & ANALYZING Project COSTS

  PMBOK+PLUS Tools & Templates to Facilitate Financial Analysis   ADVISORY ARTICLE By Dr. Kenneth Smith, PMP Honolulu, … [Read more...]