Volume IX, Issue VII – July 2020


Welcome to this Edition

Welcome to the July 2020 PMWJ
By David L. Pells, Managing Editor (USA)


Letters to the Editor

On the Subject of Black Elephants
By Bob Prieto (USA)

On the Subject of Black Elephants
By Ann Stewart (UK)

On the Subject of Black Elephants
By Ken Smith (USA)

On the Subject of Black Elephants
By Alan Stretton (Australia)



Projects are the Economic Engine of Our Times; Interview with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, former Chair of the PMI Board of Directors
By Yu Yanjuan, PMR (China)

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Featured Papers

Organizational Tranformation in the Era of Project Economy
By Prof Xiaojin Wang, PhD (China)

Expanding from conventional project management into broader types of services in an organisational strategic management context
By Alan Stretton, PhD (Australia)

Governance of Mega and Giga Programs
By Bob Prieto (USA)

Improving project monitoring and control performance using Blockchain technology
By Lalamani Budeli, PhD (South Africa)

Exploring the extent to which SMEs can realize a better organizational performance when various project management practices are linked together
By Adebayo Adeboye Fashina, Sakariye Mahamed Abdilahi, Mohamad Hassan Ahmed (Somaliland), Funke Folasade Fakunle (Nigeria)

Risks Management in Real Estate Development
By Prof Francis P. Udoudoh, PhD (Nigeria)

Evolving Maintenance Culture in Nigeria: The Role of Facilities Management
By Prof Reuben Okereke, PhD (Nigeria)

The drawbacks of the lack of building codes and regulations in Somaliland: Public health and safety implications
By Adebayo A. Fashina, Ahmed A. Sheikh, Chibuzo Opiti (Somaliland), Funke F. Fakunle (Nigeria)

Impact of E-waste Disposal on Soil Quality in Enugu Urban, Nigeria
By Henry Ajaelu and Henry Agu (Nigeria)

An investigation into the factors hindering the growth of public-private partnerships in Zimbabwe
By Dauglas Halimani, Farai Dzapasi, Tariro Mavaza (Zimbabwe)

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Series Articles

Executive Involvement in Project Risk Management (Risk Doctor Briefing)
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

Tips for Working at Home (Converting to Online Teaching)
By John Cable (USA)

The central role of stakeholders in projects and in project management (Stakeholder Perspective and Effective Relationship Management)
By Massimo Pirozzi (Italy)

Boosting Organisational Value Through Smarter Portfolio Management
By Iain Fraser (New Zealand)

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Advisory Articles

Fostering Collaboration with an Empowered Technical Program Manager
By Dharma V. Mehta (USA)

Characteristics of Successful Organizational Change
By Angelica Larios (Mexico)

Contingency Planning vs. Scenario Planning
By Steve Ford (USA)

Operation 24/7: Effective Project Management in Different Timezones
By Steven Haywood (USA)

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PMI Mexico Chapter Women Leadership Community (Project Management Update from Mexico City)
By Angelica Larios (Mexico)

Creativity in times of crisis (Project Management Update from Buenos Aires)
By Adriana Cibelli (Argentina)

Updates from Project Management Association Finland, PMI Finland Chapter, Olkiluoto 3 and Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plants, Helsinki’s Länsimetro extension, Raide-Jokeri light rail transit project (Finland Project Management Roundup)
By Dr. Jouko Vaskimo (Finland)

Project Management Virtual Events in Spain at the Current Situation (Project Management Update from Madrid – English & Spanish)
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

IMF Approves US$739 Million Disbursement to ZIMBABWE to Address the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic (Project Management Update from Harare)
By Peter Banda (Zimbabwe)

Bad news, APM, PMI UK, Coronavirus, Good news and Beavers in Scotland (UK Project Management Roundup)
By Miles Shepherd (UK)

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Second Editions

Post Disaster Engineering & Construction Program and Project Management
By Bob Prieto & Charles Whitaker (USA)

Challenges in construction project management as faced by millennials in developing countries
By Jailane Atef Amer (Egypt)

From Risk, to Issue, to Crisis: Is Your Program Prepared?
By Deidre C. Hicks (USA)

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Book Reviews

Project Management for Healthcare, 2nd Ed. (CRC Press)
By David Shirley
Reviewed by Sheila Jackson, PMP (USA)

What’s Your Problem? To Solve Your Toughest Problems, Change the Problems You Solve (HBR Press)
By Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg
Reviewed by Michael J. Miers, PMP (USA)

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Recent News

Aina Aliieva appointed PMWJ Correspondent in Canada

Wideman PM Website updates announced for July 2020

Angelica Larios appointed PMWJ Correspondent in Mexico

Prof Xiaojin Wang appointed PM World Academic Advisor in China

Daisy Ogutu completes PM Research Internship

The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Project Business

The Principles of Project Delivery – Post Covid 19