What’s Your Problem?



Book Title:  What’s Your Problem?
Author:  Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg
Publisher:  Harvard Business Review Press
List Price:   $35.00
Publication Date:  2020
Format:  Softcover, 213 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63369-722-5
Reviewer: Michael J. Miers, PMP  
Review Date: June 2020




What’s Your Problem? approaches problem solving in such clear and concise way that you can begin applying concepts right away without the need to finish the book completely.  Immediately the reader is challenged to frame and give consideration to ensuring that the right problem is being solved. How the problem is framed not only helps to determine the actions and efforts towards solutions overall, but also keeps one from addressing the wrong problem in the first place. The illustrations used to support the process are deliberate, simple and straight forward.  The book is written in a way that the reader can take immediate application of the core concepts.

Following the strategy prescribed in the framework helps one to make better decisions by avoiding false starts, wasted efforts and misuse of resources. The reframing loop is a reflective action that plainly speaks to the question, “What problem is it that we are trying to solve?”. The efforts made by stepping through and reexamining ill-defined problems can result in a more accurate and actionable problem statement.  Looking outside the frame is strategy used as well to ensure that the big picture is considered.

Overview of Book’s Structure

What’s Your Problem? is arranged in three parts:. Solve the Right Problem, How to Reframe and Overcome Resistance.  The parts are followed by an Appendix: Recommended Reading, a Notes Section an Index, an Acknowledgement Section and finally a section About the Author.

Material is arranged as follows:

Part One – Solve the Right Problem

Introduction – What’s Your Problem?

Chapter 1 – Reframing Explained

Part Two – How to Reframe

Chapter 2 – Getting Ready to Reframe

Chapter 3 – Frame the Problem

Chapter 4 – Look Outside the Frame

Chapter 5 – Rethink the Goal

Chapter 6 – Examine Bright Spots

Chapter 7 – Look in the Mirror

Chapter 8 – Take Their Perspective

Chapter 9 – Move Forward

Part Three – Overcome Resistance

Chapter 10 – Three Tactical Challenges

Chapter 11 – A Word in Parting

Appendix: Recommended Reading



About the Author


After the term Reframing is explained in Chapter One, the main concentration of the book was in Part Two where focus was on Reframing the Problem. This Part was complete and comprehensive, taking the reader from Preparing to Reframe, to examination of the problem and then finally an opportunity to reexamine with reflection opportunities.


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About the Reviewer

Michael J. Miers, MBA, PMP

Texas, USA



Michael J. Miers is a Quality Manager with experiences leading Research and Development projects and technical sales support functions. He has a track record for achieving improvements in cost, quality, cycle time and business processes. Additional experience: Project Management, Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. ISO Internal Auditor for ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental Stds, Six Sigma Green Belt Certified and Black Belt trained, Risk Assessment Moderator, Design for Reliability, Engineering Documentation Control. BS Degree in Industrial Engineering Technology and a Masters of Business Administration.

Associate Faculty teaching courses in: Production and Operations Management, Computer Graphics and Design, Project Procurement Management and Management of Organizations.

Michael can be contacted at MJMiers@hotmail.com  or on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikemiers/


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