Welcome to the July 2020 PMWJ

  WELCOME By David Pells Managing Editor Addison, Texas, USA     Welcome to the July 2020 edition of the PM … [Read more...]

Characteristics of Successful Organizational Change

  ADVISORY ARTICLE By Angelica Larios, MBA, PMP Mexico City, Mexico     Organizations change all the time, that … [Read more...]

Operation 24/7

Effective Project Management in Different Timezones   ADVISORY ARTICLE By Steven Haywood Illinois, USA     Every … [Read more...]

Contingency Planning vs. Scenario Planning

  ADVISORY By Steve Ford Colorado, USA     The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief overview of … [Read more...]

The central role of stakeholders

in projects and in project management   Stakeholder Perspective and Effective Relationship Management A series of stakeholder-centered … [Read more...]

Introduction, Overview, Enablers

  Boosting Organisational Value Through Smarter Portfolio Management   SERIES ARTICLE By Iain Fraser New … [Read more...]

Tips for Working at Home

  Converting to Online Teaching A series of short guidance articles for educators and institutions   SERIES ARTICLE By John … [Read more...]

July 2020 UK Project Management Round Up

  Bad news, APM, PMI UK, Coronavirus, Good news and Beavers in Scotland   REPORT By Miles Shepherd Executive Advisor & … [Read more...]

Fostering Collaboration

with an Empowered Technical Program Manager   ADVISORY ARTICLE By Dharma V. Mehta California, … [Read more...]