Volume XII, Issue VII – July 2023

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Welcome to the July 2023 PMWJ
By David Pells, Managing Editor (USA)

Letters to the Editor

Comments on June letter about AI, ChatGPT and Risk
By Federico Minelle and Franco Stolfi (Italy)

On the Subject of Project Life Cycle Terminology
By Crispin “Kik” Piney (France)


Agile is a Fundamentally Different Way of Thinking and Never Stop Learning, Interview with Heidi Musser, Board Member, Board Advisor, CxO, Executive Consultant, TEDx Speaker, Board Chair, Agile Alliance
By Yasmina Khelifi (France)

Perspectives of Women in PM Latin America, Interview with Angela Mendez, Former Mentor Region 13 North, Project Management Institute
By Angelica Larios (Mexico)

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Featured Papers

Navigating Challenges: Infrastructure Project Delivery in Conflict Zones
By Yamanta Raj Niroula (Nepal)

Projects as Partnerships: Project management and cross-sector partnering approaches to stakeholder engagement
By David F. Murphy, PhD and Prof. Andrew W. Gale, PhD (UK)

The Use of Project Management Technology Tools for Managing Digital Solutions Projects: A case example
By Larry D. Icard, PhD, Johan Botha and Darelle Van Greunen, PhD (South Africa)

Calculating Completion
By Patrick Weaver (Australia)

The Importance of Change Transition within Business Management
By Mark Reeson (UK)

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Series Articles

Project Management Approaches in Healthcare (Healthcare and Project Management)
By Sunanda Gundavajhala, PMP and Dr. Deepa Bhide (India)

Parliaments and projects (Let’s Talk About Public Projects)
By Stanislaw Gasik, PhD (Poland)

Project Business and Chinese Stratagems, Pt. 2: Deceptive Stratagems (Project Business Management)
By Oliver Lehmann (Germany)

A Process for Developing Schedule Risk Models: A brief guide (Practical Project Risk Management)
By Martin Hopkinson (UK)

Level up Your Intercultural Awareness – Part 2 (Making a Modern Project Manager)
By Yasmina Khelifi (France)

Part 3 Organize to Collaborate (The Road to Responsible Collaboration)
By Robin Hornby (Canada)

Rethinking ESG: The Urgent Need to Prioritize S and G (Beyond Hype)
By Ricardo Viana Vargas, PhD (Brazil/Portugal)

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Advisory Articles

Leveraging Project Management in Workplace Health Promotion
By Rudi De Koker (South Africa)

Take the Guess out of Guess-timating: Use Milestones to Monitor Project Performance
By Dr. Kenneth Smith (The Philippines/USA)

Agile Portfolio Management
By Henny Portman and Rini van Solingen (The Netherlands)

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Why Chaos Is Such a Great Source of Motivation
By Tara Miller (USA)

Corporate Governance for Project Professionals
By Taka Sande (South Africa)

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Italian PM in Wonderland: Risk Management into folk wisdom (a “philosorisk” interview) (Project Management Update from Rome)
By Alessandro Quagliarini (Italy)

Updates about Association of Project Professionals Finland; PMI Finland Chapter; Raide-Jokeri light rail project; Kruunusillat [Crown Bridges] projects (Finland Project Management Roundup)
By Dr. Jouko Vaskimo (Finland)

PMI Madrid continues its activities during the summer (Project Management Update from Madrid)
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

Improving Healthcare using Strategic PMOs (Update from PMO Global Alliance India Hub)
By Sri Sudharshan M (India)

PMO Conference – London / 14th and 15th June (Update from House of PMO)
By Lindsay Scott (UK)

Dennis Lock, Good News (medical breakthrough, HMS XV Patrick Blackett), Not So Good News (delays, overruns, travel queues, flight delays), Transport Projects, New Energy (more oil in Scottish waters, space-based energy, national grid matters, more solar, deep geothermal), New Projects (Eden thermal energy, neutron science, Concorde, Puma, electric aircraft), Dew Ponds, newts, butterflies, skylarks and shepherds (UK Project Management Roundup)
By Miles Shepherd (UK)

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Second Editions

A Short History of Modern Project Management
By Alan Stretton (Australia)

What is ChatGPT and how will it impact project management?
By Lawrence Reid (USA)

Managing AI: Risks and Opportunities
By Donald R. Polaski and Marissa J. Brienza (USA)

Agile and Organizational Change Management to Increase Project Success
By Paul Burton, PhD (USA)

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Book Reviews

Things Your PMO is doing Wrong (PMI)
By Michael Hatfield, PMP (USA)
Reviewed by Edward Raibick, PMP (USA)

Leadership: Stories, Lessons and Uncommon Sense (New Point)
By Ron Taylor (USA)
Reviewed by Regina Israelian, PMP (USA)

Tame, Messy and Wicked Risk Leadership (Gower/Routledge)
By David Hancock
Reviewed by Paul L. Lagattuta, PMP (USA)

Managing Offshore Development Projects: An Agile Approach (Multi-Media)
By Upadrista Venkatesh
Reviewed by Arati Bheemidi (USA)

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Recent News

Dr. Hans Knöpfel, IPMA Honorary Fellow, has passed away in Switzerland

35 new works added to PM World Library in July

AIPM board announces Dr. Darius Danesh as new CEO

New Report: Leadership & Development Challenges and Opportunities for Organizations in 2023