Tips for Working at Home

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Converting to Online Teaching

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Program Management and Events of Scale

  Personal Perspective   SECOND EDITION By Bob Prieto Jupiter, Florida, USA     Since early 2001, I have … [Read more...]

Evaluation of Socio-Political factors

responsible for the energy poverty in Sub-Sahara Africa   FEATURED PAPER Dr. Reuben A Okereke, Tobechi B. Ejekwu, Victor O. … [Read more...]

Circles of Corruption in the Global Construction Industry

and Suggestions for its Mitigation and Elimination Including the Use of Enterprise Risk Management   FEATURED PAPER By O. Chima Okereke, … [Read more...]

Change of Use

Caustic factors, reasons for low demand of purpose built commercial real estate projects and conversion to residential real estate projects in … [Read more...]

Exploring the common delay factors

related to major parties involved in construction projects: A systematic review   FEATURED PAPER By Adebayo A. Fashina1,2*, Funke F. Fakunle3 … [Read more...]

Major delays in construction projects

A global overview   FEATURED PAPER By Funke F. Fakunle1 and Adebayo A. Fashina2,3* 1Health, Safety, and Environment Department, … [Read more...]

Quantitative Models of Emergence

in Light of Mathematical Theory of Human Systems Part 3:  Probabilistic Mathematical Models of New Quality Emergence   FEATURED … [Read more...]