Finland Project Management Roundup for April 2020

Updates about Project Management Association Finland; PMI Finland Chapter; Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant; Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant; … [Read more...]

April 2020 UK Supplemental Report

29 March 2020 Covid-19   REPORT By Miles Shepherd Executive Advisor & International Correspondent Salisbury, England, … [Read more...]

April 2020 UK Project Management Round Up

The Step Pyramid Project of Djoser, Bad news from HS2, Impact of Covid-19 on UK projects & PM   REPORT (March 22, 2020) By Miles … [Read more...]

April 2020 PM Update from Italy

The fight against Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from the perspectives of projects and of project management   REPORT By Massimo … [Read more...]

April 2020 PM Update from Spain

Spanish Women in Project Management   REPORT By Alfonso Bucero International Correspondent Madrid, … [Read more...]

The Corona Pandemic

and the importance of projects at societal level   COMMENTARY By Reinhard Wagner Germany     In many parts of the … [Read more...]

Support employees during challenging times

  ADVISORY ARTICLE By Dr. Bruno Roque Cignacco, SFHEA United Kingdom     In relation to change affecting a … [Read more...]

Are incremental and iterative

the same phenomenon or not?   ADVISORY ARTICLE By Henny Portman The Netherlands     During training classes I often … [Read more...]

Expect the Unexpected

How to Manage the Hidden Costs of Upgrading Old Buildings   ADVISORY ARTICLE By Nitin Gulati, MS, PMP New York, … [Read more...]