April 2020 PM Update from Italy

The fight against Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) from the perspectives of projects and of project management



By Massimo Pirozzi

International Correspondent

Rome, Italy




This seventh Regional Report is the first one that, unfortunately and unavoidably, focuses on fight against Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Italy, from the perspectives of projects and of project management. The Report contains some thoughts by Enrico Mastrofini, the President of ISIPM – the Italian Institute of Project Management –, some ideas about what Public Administrations could and/or should do in terms of increasing the use of project management, by Federico Minelle, Member of ISIPM’s Scientific Committee, an overview on ongoing emergency projects, and, finally, some immediate, although absolutely preliminary, lessons learned. It is very hard for me to be, and to remain, neutral in this phase, but I will try to do it in order to share with PMWJ Community some witnesses from Italy, our beautiful country in pain.


Both Italian Project Management Community, and, in general, project management issues in Italy, are evidently hardly impacted by COVID-19, but, on other side, project management could become very important and useful, especially for the post-emergency reconstruction phase. I asked to Enrico Mastrofini, the President of ISIPM (Istituto Italiano di Project Management, the Project Management National Association in Italy) to share with us his thoughts about these topics.

“The present health emergency, together with the drastic measures decided by Italian Government, had a huge impact on both social life and economic activities, and all this certainly concerned our Community too. Today it is impossible to forecast how much time this situation will last and when it will be possible to get back to normal. However, we can be sure that we need, right now, to start designing and planning reconstruction operations, taking into account the changes, both in the ways of working and in people behaviors, which were originated by emergency. Therefore, there is, and there will be, a major need of project management, and of innovation too, in order to use at best those new operational modalities that we have been obliged to experience and/or to implement, on a large-scale basis, on the push of a global health emergency that affects both our lifestyles and our scale of values.  Nothing will be the same as before, and the recovery will have to be supported by a program of huge investments, which, also due to the need of relaunching the economy, could become the chance to use extensively a PPM logic.

In this period of sharp slowdown, both companies and public administrations will have to decide how to change when life will get back to normal, and also the products and/or services to focus on to sustain a recovery that can combat effectively the present economic slump. Therefore, I believe that, in the coming months, there will be great opportunities for qualified project managers, who will be basic in order to manage the investment projects of the companies, and to support the economic initiatives that public administrations will implement to aid recovery and to recovery the loss of jobs that will concern entire segments.

Our country, usually, is studied and is taken as an example because of its capacity of reacting to emergencies, but we do often have a lack in the capacities of preventing and getting prepared in advance. This emergency generated by COVID-19 could also become a big opportunity to plan the recovery, starting from the contents definition of a great action of recovering entire economic sectors; in order to lead this recovery, the availability of both widespread project management skills and a consistent number of very well qualified project managers will be needed.



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About the Author

Massimo Pirozzi

Rome, Italy




Massimo Pirozzi, MSc cum laude, Electronic Engineering, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Principal Consultant, Project Manager, and Educator. He is a Member and the Secretary of the Executive Board, a Member of the Scientific Committee, and an Accredited Master Teacher, of the Istituto Italiano di Project Management (Italian Institute of Project Management), and he is a Senior Examiner for Certifications in Project Management, and for Professional Project Managers, too. He is Certified as a Professional Project Manager, as an Information Security Management Systems Lead Auditor, and as an International Mediator. He is a Researcher, a Lecturer, and an Author about Stakeholder Management, Relationship Management, and Complex Projects Management; in particular, he is the Author of the Book “The Stakeholder Perspective: Relationship Management to enhance Project value and Success”, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, October 2019.  He has a wide experience in managing large and complex projects in national and international contexts, and in managing relations with public and private organizations, including multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, research institutes, and non-profit organizations. He worked successfully in several sectors, including Defense, Security, Health, Education, Cultural Heritage, Transport, Gaming, and Services to Citizens. He was also, for many years, a Top Manager in ICT Industry, and an Adjunct Professor in Organizational Psychology. He is registered as an Expert both of the European Commission, and of Italian Public Administrations.

Massimo Pirozzi serves as an International Correspondent in Italy for the PM World Journal. He received two 2019 PM World Journal Editor’s Choice Awards for his featured paper “Stakeholders, Who Are They?”, and for his report from Italy titled “PM Expo® and PM Maturity Model ISIPM-Prado®”. He received also the 2018 PM World Journal Editor’s Choice Award for his featured paper “The Stakeholder Management Perspective to Increase the Success Rate of Complex Projects”.

Massimo can be contacted at max.pirozzi@gmail.com

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