Transparent leadership and sustainable project management

  SERIES ARTICLE Article 1 of 5 By Helgi Thor Ingason, PhD and Haukur Ingi Jonasson, PhD Reykjavik University Reykjavik, … [Read more...]

Benchmarking of Scheduling Standards and Practices

against GAO Best Practices for Project Schedules   FEATURED PAPER By Tijo Kurian India and Libya     ABSTRACT … [Read more...]

A bird’s eye view on the agile forest

  FEATURED PAPER By Henny Portman The Netherlands     Some years ago, you could say “Scrum is agile” and ask “is … [Read more...]

Global Determinants of Direct Real Estate

Investment Returns in Nigeria   FEATURED PAPER By Kalu Nwojo Awa, Jovita Nnametu and Fidelis I. Emoh, PhD Department of Estate … [Read more...]

Verification & Validation of Project Management AI

  FEATURED PAPER By Bob Prieto Chairman & CEO Strategic Program Management LLC Florida, … [Read more...]

Career Management and Productivity

in Nigerian Organizations   FEATURED PAPER By Dr. Uzoma Francis Amaeshi Department of Management Technology Federal University of … [Read more...]

Interview with Shankar Sankaran

  Interview with Shankar Sankaran, PhD Professor of Organizational Project Management University of Technology Sydney Interviewed by Yu … [Read more...]

On the Subject of Contracts and Legal Systems

  LETTER TO THE EDITOR   1 November 2019 Response to the article: “ARE SMART CONTRACTS THE FUTURE OF CONTRACTS?” in PM World … [Read more...]

On Project Management as a National Competence

  LETTER TO THE EDITOR 18 October 2019 Ref: Yanjaun, Y. (2018). Project Management is a National Competence: Interview with David Pells, … [Read more...]