On Project Management as a National Competence



18 October 2019

Ref: Yanjaun, Y. (2018). Project Management is a National Competence: Interview with David Pells, PMR Magazine, 29 March.


Hello, David,

I have just read an interview with you in Project Management Review. It is very nice and important for me to read that you consider governments’ engagement in project management as the 5th big change in our profession. The more that you have so much experience with governments. Moreover, the editors (or you?) advanced this topic to the title of interview – what even more stresses its importance.

Yes, a central organization is indispensable for introducing government-level project management (called by myself Governmental Project Implementation System, GPIS). And then, step by step, governments may slowly strive to build their full GPIS. It would be more effective if they have some organized guidelines for it or, at least, a collection of practices applied in other countries. Hence so important is that you published my papers on this subject. Thank you again.

So far, several books on government project management have been written – e.g. by Wirick, Kassel, Barkley. But they have two limitations: firstly, they are oriented mainly towards the American environment (which is very advanced in this area), and not to less developed countries. Secondly, they mostly refer to the management of individual projects or programs; they are written from the point of view of their managers. And the governments of less developed countries need knowledge on organizing the whole GPIS in their countries. I wrote such a book, collecting and systemizing governmental PM practices from over 60 countries (this is in Polish but I think of translating it into English and publishing abroad).

Best regards

Dr Stanislaw Gasik

Warsaw, Poland


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