The Project Management Methodology to assist ZIMRA



By Tasiyana Siavhundu

Gweru, Zimbabwe



Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) is a quasi-governmental organisation whose four-fold mandate is to collect revenue, facilitate trade and travel, advise the government on fiscal and economic matters as well as protecting the civil society. Like any other organisation in the private or public sector, Zimbabwe’s revenue administrator can benefit substantially through embracing and fully implementing the project management methodology in its revenue administration and collection projects. The need to ensure synchronisation of projects and coordination of the implementation process resulted in ZIMRA establishing the Modernisation Projects Office (MPO) on 1 September 2011. ZIMRA’s current five-year strategic plan (running from 2019 to 20123) talks of the organisation’s adoption and application of international good practice project management principles to successfully implement its projects on time, within stated budget and scope.

Adopting a proper project management culture would undoubtedly assist the organisation in smoothly accomplishing its revenue generation endeavours especially at this point in time when the government is in dire need of funds to implement a plethora of national development projects meant to resuscitate dilapidated industries and restore the precarious economy to normalcy.

ZIMRA carries out a number of projects that inevitably require proper project management modalities and algorithms in their implementation. Such projects are found in various divisions of the organisation such as operations, ICT, finance and administration. Examples of projects that the organisation implement from time to time include ICT projects (e.g. installing software, servers etc.), construction projects (e.g. building staff dwellings, customs warehouses, office buildings etc.) as well as short to medium term revenue enhancement projects that are carried out by revenue officers on quarterly, semi-annual, annual or biennial basis.



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About the Author

Tasiyana Siavhundu

Gweru, Zimbabwe




Tasiyana Siavhundu is a member of the Project Management Zimbabwe (PMZ) with qualifications and experience in Project Management, Economics, Taxation as well as Investments and Portfolio Management. He is a holder of a B.Sc. Honours Degree in Economics, Master of Commerce Degree in Economics, Post-Graduate Diploma in Project Management, Executive Certificate in Investments and Portfolio Management, Advanced Certificate in Taxation as and many other qualifications.

Tasiyana has worked both in the private and public sectors in Zimbabwe. He is now employed as a Revenue Officer with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) where he has been instrumental in economic research, revenue enhancement projects, taxpayer education, audits and so forth. He is very passionate about research work and has interests in the fields of Economics (particularly Public Economics), Project Management and Taxation.

Tasiyana Siavhundu can be contacted by email address: tsiavhundu@gmail.com