Project Management of Large Software-Intensive Systems



Book Title:    Project Management of Large Software-Intensive Systems: Controlling the Software Development Process
Author:  Marvin Gechman
Publisher:  CRC Press
List Price:  $79.95
Format:  Large, soft cover, 366 pages
Publication Date:  April 2019
ISBN: 9780367136710
Reviewer:  Oluwasegun Odetola, PMP
Review Date: month year




Project management of large software-intensive systems is a detailed compendium of managing large and highly complex software implementation projects and how the project manager can deliver such projects with control of the software development process from start to finish. It is broken down into five sections with a total of sixteen chapters that deliver all there is to know about managing the software development process.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Section 1 – Software Project Management Fundamentals

  • Software Project Management Introduction: The first chapter introduces the reader to the book, taking the reader through business operations and the basics of software project management, the need to have a one-page flowchart picture of software that is to be built, defining what the software system is, software project planning, the software team, software classes and categories and software development standards.
  • Software Project Management Activities: The second chapter takes the reader through the overview of the software project management domain, the importance of the requirements traceability matrix, software project management objectives, software project management control areas, software process improvement, system sustainment and possible pitfalls that may occur.
  • System and Software Life Cycle Processes: The third chapter discusses the software project management processes, lifecycle process, system definition, system development lifecycle process, implementation process, integration, testing, verification, system sustainment, testing processes and the fact that not having processes is very costly.
  • Software Development Methodologies: Chapter four discusses the software development process models including evolutionary software acquisitions strategy, incremental model, the iterative model, prototyping, the spiral model, the unified process model, linear sequential model as well as software analysis and design models, managing agile software development projects, schedules and activity networks and software standards. In this chapter, it is stated that having a methodology to follow is critical in a mid-sized or large-scale software development program.

Section 2 – Software Management and Quality Domains

  • Software Management Domain: Chapter five focuses on software project planning and oversight, software risk management and mitigation, technical and management reviews, critical requirements assurance and software subcontract management. The need to define done and the importance of planning is discussed here.


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Oluwasegun Odetola is a project management professional with experience managing projects to achieve higher than expected goals. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, a master’s degree in Project Management, a master’s degree in Information Technology and Management and became a certified Project Management Professional in 2012. He has over 17 years of experience in roles in Project Management, Information Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing.  Oluwasegun is a member of the Project Management Institute, Dallas chapter.

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