Implementing 5-hour workdays in Projects Teams

A Challenge and an Opportunity!



By Kumar Sarma

PMP, Prince2, CMQ




Dear Project Professionals!

There has been lot of discussions in organizations about the need to rethink 8-12 hour work days. This can be good opportunity in Projects teams which have strong time constraints imposed on them.

It is very important for project management team to understand that to the team has leave their work desks to learn from what the world has to offer in form of real-life experiences. This can help them to focus and think out of the box for solutions to complex problems which may be required to implement in the projects. For this to happen -we Need to work and challenge the traditional ways of thinking that we have worked with and which continue as age old practices in most organizations even today.

We need to develop and improve our mindsets towards work itself through learning, experimenting and reflection. For this to happen the team should find ways to release their time which is being currently consumed by working in projects alone.  When the most important resource “Time” is released by implementing 5-hour workdays and put to proper use by the team, it fosters culture of Innovation, Experimentation, Innovation among the team members which provides a much bigger benefits to the organization.

Some of the initiatives which can be implemented with extra time gained from implementing 5-hour work days may include – Professional learnings for career and Mental renewal ,sports and games for physical fitness ,Yoga, Meditation, Volunteering for Emotional /social well-being and any other initiatives led by the leaders of the organization themselves. This would very much apply to entrepreneurs/freelancers which can help them to evolve to be well rounded. This in turn can help them in developing their personal brand which in turn would attract possible stakeholders to help them move forward on their mission.


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