Book Title: FOCUS (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series)
Author:  Various Authors
Publisher:  Harvard Business Review Press
List Price: $19.99
Format: Soft Cover, 176 pages
Publication Date:  2019
ISBN: 13-978-1-63369-658-7
Reviewer: Edward Raibick, PMP
Review Date: September 2019




The Harvard Business Review book titled Emotional Intelligence – FOCUS, is one in a series of books focusing on the human side of management and professional life. It focuses on providing tips for staying laser focused on achieving individual goals and business objectives, avoiding distractions, and stress reduction techniques as you work in a fast-paced business environment.

Overview of Book’s Structure

  • Chapter 1.- by Daniel Goleman, discusses in detail the three types of focus: self-focus, focus on others and focus on the world. It provides insight to the primary challenge of any leader is to direct attention and filter distractions, not only with themselves, but with others as well. Daniel dives into subjects such as the empathy triad, self-control, and the importance of building relationships.
  • Chapter 2 – by Kandi Wiens, dives into breaking the cycle of stress and distraction by using emotional intelligence. She discusses the impact of stress on the body, causes of stress, and methods of stress reduction. Not actively managing stress can leave the individual feeling anxious, unable to focus, and trigger hormonal changes that can have a negative impact on the body. Kandi provides practical mindful techniques for combating these issues. She also discusses mindfulness as a tool to regain focus and reduce stress.
  • Chapter 3 – by Michael Lipson, reviews improving focus by actively knowing that you are losing focus, and then providing tips and techniques that can be used to regain focus. Actively knowing that distraction is occurring, and the structure of distraction, you will improve the strength in remaining focused and minimizing distraction.
  • Chapter 4 – by Amy Gallo, discusses what to do when you are feeling distracted. Insights on managing emotional responses of frustration, anxiety and anger are reviewed as well as its impact on productivity She also dives into the dangers of multitasking, and its impact on overall productivity goals and objectives. Amy discusses setting up personal boundaries for yourself, interactions with others, colleague support and personal care during times where high attention focus is required.
  • Chapter 5 – by Heidi Grant, coaches the reader on self-motivation in getting their project started and avoiding procrastination. She discusses the main reasons for procrastination and methods that can be used for dealing with each situation. She also introduced if-then planning methods for completing your project based on various possible situations.



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About the Reviewer

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