Cognitive Readiness in Disruptive Times (CrinDT)



Italian Institute of Project Management (ISIPM)
Roma, Italy

Winston Strategic Management Consulting
Idaho, USA

Jesus Martinez ALMELA
Bioagroprojects Biotech
Villareal, Spain


The purpose of this paper is to set forth a research plan and call for volunteers to engage in the research. The paper introduces the foundational documents upon which the research will be based.  It also introduces the reader to the pillars of knowledge and learning upon which the studies to date have been conducted.  The areas of immediate proposed research are outlined, and the initial steps to attain the information regarding cognitive readiness in the profession of project management. The paper further sets forth the implications for executive managers; project and program managers; and project and program teams, as well as how it could impact decision-making on hiring practices within human resource offices or agencies for project or program managers and the project or program teams.

Keywords: Cognitive Readiness, Disruptive Times, Complex projects, Project management, Competences

  1. Introduction

While numerous articles and studies have been done on the topic of cognitive readiness, the status of the concept in project and program management has not been done.  Various studies have been done on particular types of professions and organizations, such as the United States military, but the focus on project and program management has not been done to date. Such studies are necessary to enhance the awareness of the subject: how the various intelligences serve as foundation for the concept, where the project and program management profession stands in its knowledge of and application of the tenets of cognitive readiness, which includes what the profession has historically referred to as competences, and eventually how the benefits from this knowledge should and can be realized.

A limited view of one of the actions that needs to be taken in the study of cognitive readiness and its application to disruptive times in project and program management, especially in complex projects is the following step-wise flow.

Fig. 1 Proposed initial survey step

1.1 Intelligences

The intelligences to be studied are brain-based.  While the various intelligences have been identified in both academic and popular literature and journals, the study of those intelligences, as applied to the profession of project and program management has not.  Further, the need to study mindfulness as an enabling and integrating practice to facilitate the awareness of the intelligences within a project or program manager, as well as the project and program teams, to enhance the abilities of the individual to be a more competent and aware leader and manager has not been done.

1.2 Target Group for Studies and Use of the Research

Project and program management professionals interested in the topic of cognitive readiness based upon the multiple intelligences, both hard and soft skills, as they are often referred to in books on project management, and their application in leadership and management of project and programs, comprise the main target group. The range of the individuals who could be interested in the topic, as well as participating in the proposed research, are: project and program managers, trainers in the subject of project and program management, human resource managers or staffing professionals for projects and programs, and professors providing educational programs to masters or doctoral students in the fields of project and program management. Other groupings of professionals that could have an interest in the research could be: human resource management, leadership and various administrative degree programs, as well as those professors in a variety of psychology, neurology, and adult education programs. Eventually, it is the desire of the core team of researchers that the impact of the research would influence the executive management of organizations seeking not only to have successful projects and programs during normalized times, but during times that are disruptive.


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Editor’s note: Second Editions are previously published papers that have continued relevance in today’s project management world, or which were originally published in conference proceedings or in a language other than English.  Original publication acknowledged; authors retain copyright.  This paper was originally presented at 9th IPMA Research Conference: Project Leadership and Society, 12-13 June 2021, Jinan, China.  It is republished here with the authors’ permission.

How to cite this paper: Di Filippo, I., Winston, R., Almela, J. M. (2023. 2021). Cognitive Readiness in Disruptive Times (CrinDT); originally presented at the 9th IPMA Research Conference: Project Leadership and Society, 12-13 June 2021, Jinan, China; republished in the PM World Journal, Vol. XII, Issue III, March 2023. Available online at https://pmworldjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/pmwj127-Mar2023-DiFilippo-Winston-Almela-cognitive-readiness-in-disruptive-times.pdf

About the Authors

Ivano Di Filippo

Rome, Italy


Ivano Di Filippo is Project Management Neuroscientic Researcher, CEO of the Cognitive Readiness in PM (CRinPM) International Research Program, Scientic referent Member of ISIPM (Italian Institute of PM) in CaProSoc, International Research Program Co-Lead, author of the book Cognitive Readiness in Project Teams: Reducing Project Complexity and Increasing Success in Project Management. He has solid experience as a consultant and project manager in complex projects. He studied medicine at the La Sapienza University of Rome and subsequently computer programming. He has been working for over 30 years with the Radiotaxi 3570 Company in Rome, Italy, and is currently the coordinator in charge of human resources in the operations center.

An important Research and Innovation project has been going on for over 11 years and sees Ivano CEO in the development team born with Russell Archibald and Daniele Di Filippo. The project is always having a high resonance not only in the field of Project Management but also in that of Neuroscience applied to PM, particularly at the university level as a driver for learning and training the discipline. Already many top-level project managers, groups of scientists, and MBA universities have joined the project by supporting it with enthusiasm. The research driver of the project is based on the importance of a High-Performance Team based on Cognitive Readiness.

The objectives of the project: Create the conditions for all projects to be successful, especially complex ones that bring benets and well-being to the world. Innovating the standards of PM, through the conscious use of human intelligence and in particular the cognitive, emotional, and social intelligence activated by meditation while maintaining a neuroscientic basis for a holistic approach that sees the technical and cognitive PM management working in harmony for the realization of a “Next Project Manager Generation”.

Ivano can be contacted at https://www.cognitivereadiness.world/ ; ivano.difilippo@genialsoftware.it or  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivano-di-filippo-69054335/


Rebecca Winston, JD

Idaho, USA


Rebecca Winston, JD, PMI Fellow, is cuurently a senior program, project and security management advisor based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA.  She was formerly Director at Ahtna Government Services where she managed the Second Line of Defense Program and international programs;  Director, Homeland Security Programs/Argonne National Laboratory where she managed interfaces with Department of Homeland Security and conduct the management oversight of all related programs and projects; and Business Relationship Manager for National Security, Idaho National Laboratory (INL), responsible for business contacts throughout American National Security Sector.

She has established strategic and business planning for the National Security sector; managed Defense Programs; performed oversight and technical management of several projects in information software, networking, network security, independent validation and verication, and environmental technologies, including site installation of technologies. She’s held new business development duties with industries and governments globally, and perfromed many other tasks throughout career at the INL. She also has a long history of leadership within the Project Management Institute (PMI) in the United States.

Rebecca can be contacted at rebeccawinston@yahoo.com   or https://www.linkedin.com/in/rwinston/ and Winston Strategic Management Consulting



Jesus Martinez Almela

Villareal, Spain


 Jesus Martinez Almela, Projects, Programme and Portfolio Manager, Certified IPMA Projects Portfolio Director Level A, Biosystem and Agricultural Engineer, MsC, MBA, PgD, International Trainer, Coach and Consultant. He is founder and owner of Bioagroprojects Biotech PPM and P3Competence for training, consultancy and interim project and programme management (2008-today). He was previously founder of Selco Advanced Engineering and Project Management (1988-2009), an EPMC Company with turn-key projects in Southern Europe, USA, Latin America, Japan and China. He is developer and owner of five patents of invention since 1993 (animal waste and waste-to-energy). Specific areas of expertise: Rural Smarter Development, Agroindustry, Food Security, Waste-to-Energy, Biotechnology, Renewable Energy.

Jesus is past IPMA president and current Chair of the IPMA Council of Delegates (2021-2023).  He is Head of the Spanish Certification Body (accredited ISO17024:2012) for Project Management (2005today) and Chairman of the LATNET Network Associations for Project Management (14 countries Spanish speakers) since 2012-today. Focus of activities related to project management: Trainer for Project, Programme and Portfolio Manager, Interim Coach for Human Talent Development, Advisor for International Business Development, Organizational Competences including Change Management, Leadership, Innovation and research projects.

Selected training and consulting experiences

> Training and lecturing in more than 40 countries for > 500 companies and >30 Universities since 2005;
> Consultant for relevant Megaprojects like 3rd set looks of Panama Canal Programme Extension, Intercoop, EACI-UE, Hitachi, Korail;
>  Developer of International Standards for Research and Project, Programme, Portfolio, Agile Leadership, Coach, Consultant and Trainer in Project Management (1999-today) like ICB3, ICB4, PEB, OCB, ICB4 extensions for CCT and Agile Leadership;
> Lead of the SIG-Special Interest Group for Smarter Rural and Liasison for Smarter Cities and Smarter Water;
> Personal coaching of executives and business developer;
> Author of 8-eight books and > 70 professional and scientific papers;
> Awarded worldwide (5 grants) since 1999 for relevant contributions to engineering, biosecurity and waste treatment projects.

Jesus can be contacted at jma@bioagroprojects.com