Body Language Silent Influencing



Book Title:    Body Language Silent Influencing: Employing Powerful Techniques for Influence and Leadership
Author:  Michael Nir
Publisher:  Sapir Publishing, Boston, MA
List Price:   $19.99
Format:  Paperback, 210 pages
Publication Date:  3rd Ed, 2016
ISBN: 978-1499339567
Reviewer: Bettina T. McGriggler, PMP
Review Date: September 2019




Body Language, Silent Influencing, is valuable reading for leaders or anyone involved in managing teams and projects. The author, Michael Nir, successfully weaves behavioral concepts with real-world scenarios to demonstrate the role body language plays in identifying, gaining and retaining influence. Our behavior and gestures are constantly sending signals about our thoughts, understanding, agreement and disapproval of verbal communications. Leaders who develop expertise in analyzing the differences between verbal and non-verbal communications can gain influence and increase their opportunities for success in any situation.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is divided into six main lessons with reader exercises for each section. Areas of concentration include: 1) Silent Influencing and Leadership; 2) Body Language Arts – 101; 3) Influencing with Your Hands; 4) Recognizing and Utilizing Stress, Resentment and Inconsistent Behavior; 5) Influencing Silently, Integrating for Powerful Results; and 6) Ready, Set, Go – Creating Change.

The exercises illustrate key concepts discussed in each section through practical application scenarios. In addition to the exercises, there are (4) reader tools that spotlight key information for reflection and quick reference. These include:

  • Remember Scrolls that summarize key concepts
  • Thinking Alerts displayed as shaded boxes containing real world take-aways
  • Case Study stories that bring concepts to life; and
  • Reflection Clouds that target thoughts on specific ideas and insights.

Michael Nir bases his analysis on a combination of Gestalt theory, neuro-linguistic programming and behavioral economics. The appendix contains additional information on these topics for those who desire further study into the psychological foundation.


Body Language provides a wealth of valuable information. Some areas that will be of interest to readers include:

  • Silent influencing is a “not-so-learned” art. Traditionally education focused on  teaching hard skills, not soft skills. This trend left many leaders unequipped to silently influence others.
  • The ability to understand and control non-verbal “language” is critical for leaders who lack position authority or power, but are responsible for key deliverables. These leaders achieve their goals only if they can influence others to follow their lead.



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About the Reviewer

Bettina T. McGriggler

Texas, USA



Bettina T. McGriggler’s career includes portfolio, project and functional management in financial services, retail, health care, contact centers and manufacturing. She is a Project Management Professional and holds a JD/MBA from the University of Kansas and a BA in International Relations from Drake University. She is currently the Franchise Owner of SYNERGY HomeCare in San Antonio, TX.

Bettina can be reached at linkedin.com/in/bettina-mcgriggler-5842a511/


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