Why Should Anyone be Led by You?



Book Title:  Why Should Anyone be Led by You? What it Takes to be an Authentic Leader
Author:  Bob Goffee & Garett Jones
Publisher:  Harvard Business Review Press
List Price:  $18.00
Format: Soft cover, 244 pages
Publication Date:  2019                  
ISBN: 978-1-63369-768-3
Reviewer: Charlie Green, PMP
Review Date: December 2019




In the book “Why Should Anyone Be Led by You” the authors asked this question of many corporate and institutional managers and leaders.  Their goal was to determine what it takes to inspire others to want to follow them. Along with what traits and characteristics are needed to be a leader and not just a boss.  In their research, they arrived at and share a number of characteristics that can be developed and applied by anyone.

One of the things that came out of the research was these characteristics are not just useful for inspiring subordinates, but also inspiring peers.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book consists of nine chapters with each discussing one of the competencies that the authors found in their research.  When these competencies are incorporated, they will help bring about creating an authentic leader as the book’s subtitle points out.

  • Be Yourself-More-With Skill
  • Know and Show Yourself-Enough
  • Take Personal Risks
  • Read – and Rewrite – the Context
  • Remain Authentic – but Conform Enough
  • Manage Social Distance
  • Communicate – with Care
  • Authentic Followership
  • The Price and Prize of Leadership

Then at the back of the book the authors also provide a couple questions to help the reader evaluate their own leadership potential and then consider where they are now and where they would like to go.


The question asked in the title of the book “Why Should Anyone be Led by You” is a question that needs to be asked by everyone that is in a position of leadership or aspiring to be a leader.  Over several years the authors have interviewed many leaders in all sorts of industries and organizations to determine what it takes to be an authentic leader that people would want to follow.  Through their research they have found some common characteristics and traits.

The authors provide many examples as well as thought provoking questions explaining the characteristic the chapter is discussing.  They also provide some tools to assist the reader in evaluating their own leadership style.


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