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Book Title:  Welcome to AI: A Human Guide to Artificial Intelligence
Author: David L. Shrier
Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press
List Price: $30.00
Format: Hardback, 256 pages
Publication Date: March 2024
ISBN: 978-1-64782-752-6
Reviewer: Gabriela Cadena, PMP
Review Date: April 2023


The author is from the University of Oxford and was worked with MIT as well, so his perspective is welcome as he is able to compare the approach to Artificial Intelligence (A)I taken by the US government and industry vs. that which is taken in Europe.  He presents why the growth and evolution of AI is worth understanding – not just its rapid adoption rate but also its consequences to how it is changing how we think. AI is another inflection point in history – the latest one being the Industrial Revolution. There are lots of additional books and articles recommended for a more in-depth view on many of the topics.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book has 3 parts (each part has 3 chapters) and in total there are 9 chapters along with a Glossary. The first part (AI Changes Everything) discusses what AI is and the evolution of AI job displacement. Part 2 (Playing Defense) shares strategies on how to future proof your career and what can a hybrid Human + AI workplace entail.  Part 3 (Centaurs and the Future of Humanity) discusses what AI has already done to our workplace, alternate futures of what AI will do for our society and an urgent call for government policy.


The book invites the reader to not be paralyzed by fear that the robots are taking over by explaining some AI concepts about its capabilities, origins and possible futures. The author makes the point that rules, regulations and ethics may help humanity be better served by AI. I enjoyed his discussion on AI police and what that could look like and what they would search for.  A bonus that this book offers is chapter bullets which at the beginning explain what’s important and at the chapter’s end summarize key takeaways.  The author pulls in real-world examples from universities, governments and industry players like Accenture and Microsoft.


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About the Reviewer

Gabriela Cadena

Arlington, TX, USA


Gabriela Cadena is a PMP since 2015 having worked with the State of Texas, Aramco, Southside Economic Development Council, the National Cancer Institute and other parts of the National Institutes of Health. She is currently the Operations Director for Red River Scientific which provides quality management system consulting.

Gabriela is a graduate of Cornell University, a foodie and a world traveler always looking for best practices.  She is a lifelong learner. She can be contacted at  gcadenamwa@gmail.com

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