Using Organizational Project Management to Enable Sustainability



By Raju Rao

Chennai, India


Sustainability has become a key parameter for organizations, and this means that projects and operations have to be planned and implemented with this objective.

At the project level it may be difficult to bring in sustainability initiatives because often the scope of the project is already determined, or it is contractual. To get a sustainability perspective, one has to consider it beyond a project outcome and further this needs to be addressed by senior management. Therefore, an organizational level approach would be more appropriate.

This is where the Organizational Project Management or OPM comes in. This approach would look at outcomes not just at project but also at program level. It will also consider portfolio management to effectively implement the strategy of the organization.

This paper will explore the use of OPM for Sustainability. Examples / Case Studies will be presented.

What is OPM & Sustainability?

What is Organizational Project Management?

PMI’s Standard for Organizational Project Management defines it as a framework in which portfolio, program and project management are integrated with organizational enablers to achieve strategic objectives. (3)

OPM involves connecting the strategic outcomes of the organization to its projects. The gap is addressed through portfolio management when a project or program is selected. Subsequently, implementation takes place through project management or program management.

Exhibit 1: Organizational Project Management

OPM Benefits

Use of Organizational Project Management is beneficial to an organization in multiple ways.

  • Increased Cost Control & Productivity
  • Predictable delivery performance
  • Effective Operations & Decision making
  • Customer Satisfaction & Improved communications
  • Alignment of Strategy & Execution
  • Competitive Advantage & Market competitiveness

To summarize OPM

  • Expands principles of project management to organizational level
  • Provides an organizational view for allocation of resources
  • Coordinates implementation of strategy with middle and grass roots level


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About the Author

Raju N Rao

Chennai, India


Raju Rao is an author, speaker and social entrepreneur.

As the Founder of Xtraplus Learning & Consulting and has been a trainer, consultant and coach for nearly two decades. He often writes for professional journals and is the co-author of two books on project management. At many global conferences and seminars, he has been a speaker.

Raju has been involved in the development of various standards in project management. He has worked as a volunteer with PMI and similar organizations for many of their initiatives and projects. As the Founder of the not-for-profit Forum for Food Recovery, an organization involved in advocacy and education in food waste and recovery management, he is also an Ambassador for GPM Global, which is dedicated to advancing regenerative solutions and practices for sustainable project management. He is a member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals.

Raju is a Distinguished Toastmaster and has been an active member of Toastmasters International. He also dabbles in writing fiction and is interested in cooking, running and listening to music.  He can be contacted at pmorg.xtraplus@gmail.com

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