Tips and Techniques to Pass PMI’s


Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Exam



By Shyamkumar Narayana

Illinois, USA


This article provides current or future agile practitioners insights into passing the PMI ACP exam which will help them in their Career as Agile practitioners.

  1. In the exam, primarily Lean and XP topics were covered.
  2. There was mostly reference to Scrum Master as an Agile Leader in the exam.
  3. There were no math questions.
  4. The questions are situational with lengthy sentences, also answers come with four choices which are also situational/lengthy or descriptive.
  5. You can take breaks, but the clock will be ticking.
  6. You can complete the 3 hours exam in 2 hours along with review of the answers selected.
  7. You get the Results immediately with breakup of pass percentage by knowledge areas.
  8. There were no formulas in the exam however understanding of IRR, NPV and ROI relationship was required to answer their relationship-based questions.
  9. There was Agile board mentioned instead of SCRUM Board/JIRA Board.
  10. The Product Owner’s role was emphasized for Backlog management in the exam.


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About the Author

Shyamkumar Narayana

Illinois, USA


Shyamkumar Narayana, MBA, ACP, PMP, CSM, LSSGB has over 20+ Years’ experience of successfully managing large Programs/Projects to be precise around 100+ for Fortune 500 Companies. Some of the projects ranged in budget size of $25M to $250M with a large distributed and global team size of 60+.