The Stakeholder Perspective



Book Title:  The Stakeholder Perspective: Relationship Management to Increase Value and Success Rates of Projects       
Author:  Massimo Pirozzi
Publisher:  Taylor & Francis Group, LLC
List Price:  $59.95
Format:  Hardcover, 170 pages
Publication Date:  2020     
ISBN:  978-0-367-18476-6
Reviewer:  Philip Wiens, PMP
Review Date: March 2020




Project success, and the subsequent realization of business value, can be a very elusive destination. Very capable and brilliant project managers have mastered their processes and tools but have overlooked a vital key to success…the human stakeholder. When I studied to become a certified project manager, I reserved a priority for stakeholder management that ranked thirteenth in comparison to the other knowledge areas. This of course resembles its relative position in the knowledge area matrix. Massimo Pirozzi shows us in The Stakeholder Perspective that stakeholders are not just a thing, they are the only thing!

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is structured in a way to facilitate a perspective change. The reader is going to be taken on a journey that begins with the current state of stakeholder management, shows you the gap, and introduces you to solutions. A large part of the book provides information needed to understand and teach to others the lessons of the stakeholder perspective. Pirozzi uses every relevant industry definition, diagram, and map to honor and abide by our industries most storied teachings, while at the same time introducing a brave and much needed paradigm shift.

The chapters are laid out as follows….


Chapter 1. Stakeholders, Who Are They?
Chapter 2. The Recent Central Role of Stakeholders in Project Management
Chapter 3 Stakeholder Identification: Integrating Multiple Classification and Behavioral Models
Chapter 4. Effective Stakeholder Analysis: A Systemic Approach
Chapter 5. Key Stakeholders Management: Principles of Effective Direct Communication
Chapter 6. Stakeholder Network Management: Informative and Interactive Communication
Chapter 7. Basic Personal and Interpersonal Skills: Personal Mastery, Leadership, Teaming
Chapter 8. Ethics in Stakeholder Relations


Chapter 9. Stakeholder Relations and Delivered Value: An Indissoluble Link
Chapter 10. Satisfying Stakeholder Requirements and Expectations: The Critical Success Factor
Chapter 11. Facing Successfully Different Levels of Project Complexity
Chapter 12. Targeting Both Project and Business Value Generation by Using KPIs
Chapter 13. Relationship Management Project: A Structured Path to Effectiveness
Chapter 14. New Stakeholder-Centered Trends: Project Management X.0


There is extensive use of models, maps, and figures. This is particularly valuable if you have never seen them before. But even if you are a certified project manager or have studied project management, a lot of the figures are presented with new insight.



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