The Rosario Habitat Program Experience, Part 2


Project Management Applied to Government

Part 2 of 3



By Ana Maria Rodriguez, MSE, PMP, LIMC


Adriana Salomón, PMP

Rosario, Argentina

This article continues to document the experience of the Rosario Habitat Program (RHP), developed since 2000 by the Public Housing Service[1] of the City of Rosario (Argentina), in which many Project Management practices have been implemented since its inception. In part one we presented the background to the Rosario Habitat Program[2] and the application of the conceptual framework of Project Management in the same.  In this paper we examine specifically the application of the concepts of Integration, Scope, Time and Cost Management in the Rosario Habitat Program.

Project Integration Management

The director of each project under Rosario Habitat has the mission of integrate all of the processes and activities in order to achieve its objectives. It is his/her responsibility to avoid team members take priority actions for one issue without considering the effects it will have on other aspects.

Once the initial formulation and executive formulation of each project are done (which give up the project, define its scope and management plan) the work performed is overseeing and integrated control of changes is done through the following mechanisms:

  1. Project Strategic Planning

A monthly analysis on the progress of each project is done, to evaluate the results on  execution time and the results of monitored actions. A meeting for each project under implementation is hold every month, with the participation of the Project Manager, Program Coordinator, responsible for the PMO and responsible for sectors that provide services to the project.

During these meetings, strategic planning decisions are made to adjust the project implementation in order to ensure that actions taken meet the required deadlines, have the necessary resources and make a proper contribution to meeting the goals of the Program. Moreover, the program objectives that are not covered by any of the actions in progress are identified and actions are defined to ensure compliance of all the goals. In these instances the necessary changes to the project are identified, evaluated and approved.


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Editor’s note: Second Editions are previously published papers that have continued relevance in today’s project management world, or which were originally published in conference proceedings or in a language other than English.  Original publication acknowledged; authors retain copyright.  This paper was originally published in PM World Today in December 2009.  It is republished here with the authors’ permission.

How to cite this paper: Rodriguez, A.M., Salomón, A. (2009). The Rosario Habitat Program Experience: Project Management Applied to Government, Part 2; republished in the PM World Journal, Vol. X, Issue IV, April 2021. Originally published in PM World Today, Vol XI, Issue XII, December 2009.  Available online at https://pmworldlibrary.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/pmwj104-Apr2021-Rodriguez-Salomon-rosario-habitat-program-part2-Engish.pdf


About the Authors

Ana Maria Rodriguez, MSE, PMP, LIMC

Rosario, Argentina


Ms. Ana Maria Rodriguez offers consulting services to the Engineering and Construction Industry in Argentina, and is an adjunct professor of project management at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario. She is Founder of ERA Project Management. Colombian by birth, Ms. Rodriguez graduated with a Civil Engineering Degree from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota and from the University of Texas at Austin, USA with a Masters Degree in Construction Engineering and Project Management (MSE). She earned the Project Management Professional (PMP) and is a graduate from the Leadership Institute MasterClass of the Project Management Institute. Ms Rodriguez has implemented Project Management best practices and managed projects both in the government sector and in the engineering and construction private sector. Ms. Rodriguez is also an active member of PMI in Argentina, and is an international correspondent for PMForum and PM World Today in Argentina. Ms. Rodriguez welcomes contact at arodriguezdev@gmail.com also at https://www.linkedin.com/in/amrodriguez/

Adriana Salomón

Rosario, Argentina


Adriana Salomón is an architect, graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, and Project Management Professional (PMP). She attended the Project Management Program at INDES-Interamerican Development Bank. Managing Partner at ERA Project Management and Partner at Prohabitat XXI.  Se ha desempeñado como Coordinadora General del Programa Rosario Hábitat, gerenciando la ejecución simultánea de varios proyectos. She served as General Coordinator for the Rosario Habitat Program, through the design and implementation phases. She has worked with the PM4R program of INDES as trainer and facilitator for processes on projects all overall Latinamerica.  She is actually in charge of the Area of Programs and Projects in the Servicio Publico de la Vivienda, Municipalidad de Rosario. Additional information can be found in www.prohabitat.com.ar. Adriana Salomon can be reached at adrianasalomon@gmail.com


[1] Servicio Público de la Vivienda, Municipalidad de Rosario

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