The role of project human resource management


on a merge and acquisition process



By Yousra Chebbo

Beirut, Lebanon


Human resources is one the most valuable asset / component in any organization, and managing it – is indeed a pilar within the project management dynamic. Project team assembling & management is an essential step in managing a project. Studies shows that the most important element in a merge and acquisition process is Human resources. The aim of this paper is to study the role of project human resources management on a merge and acquisition process based on the existing literature. First we will start with a definition of merge and acquisition. Grey data shows that there is a lack of research linking Project management and Human resource. The main contribution of this article is to boost the existing literature on M&A from a project management perspective with a focus on Human Resources.

Keywords: merge and acquisition, human resource, project management


Today’s business world is in a constant state of change. In this environment of permanent evolution, organizations must face complex managerial realities. Moreover, strong competition requires companies to have a flexible structure in order to respond to market developments and needs. Also, technological progress is strongly impacting and shaping the workforce as well as forcing companies to hire skilled, qualified and competent workforce to cope with strong competition. Hence, the change that has taken place in recent years in the industrial world, especially in terms of business management, is pushing companies to find a modern identity.

Since the 1980s, mergers and acquisitions have multiplied on a global scale to become an essential element of economic life and this, at the level of all sectors.

Acquiring companies can access the research and development (R&D) resources of their targets and accelerate the dissemination of knowledge and technological developments to industries in their home countries through foreign mergers and acquisitions.

Researchers argue that the human resource function plays an important role in the company’s performance (besides the various derivatives of people management‘s style, approach, etc.). Despite this empirically proven reality, very little attention is paid to companies’ human resources (even though HR trainings, teambuilding, companies’ work environments, etc. are currently huge business trends). For example, when an organization needs cost reductions, it systematically uses investments in its people that include, for example, training, salaries and staffing. (J. Barney, 1991).

HR management includes the processes required to share information of human resources on a project. It has an essential impact on the success or the failure of any project. A project manager plays an important role in the success of the company. This knowledge is an essential starting point for any HR manager acting as a strategic partner. Researchers exploring the link between HR and Project management found a lack of HR research in project management.

Based on the above, an efficient management represents the key of success for a merge and acquisition transaction. Strong project management can make a big difference in a merge and acquisition process by knowing the goals with a clear vision that will ease the project team.(Hurta et al., 2017a)


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About the Author

Yousra Chebbo

Beirut, Lebanon


Yousra Chebbo is an experienced business trainer with a history of working in the international non-profit management industry. She has handled the launching of many micro-enterprise portfolios. Her main area of focus is financial as well as organizational project management of refugees /deprived communities’ entrepreneurial initiatives. Currently Yousra is finishing her doctoral degree with a focus on HR & Leadership from Saint Joseph University of Beirut.

She can be reached at yousra_chebbo@outlook.com