The rising conflict in the wedding contract



By Grace Stephan Nkounkou

SKEMA Business Schoo

Congo and Paris, France




The event consulting industry sees tremendous potential to improve the effectiveness and performance of projects with their customers. Thus, there is much wisdom in adopting ADR which offers principles and a focus on collaboration and workflow reliability to avoid any conflict in their contract. In this paper, the benefits and restrictions experienced by project participants in using ADR are analyzed. The paper eventually focuses on demonstrating that ADR provides a better approach much effective towards good Project Management.

The author will identify various project delivery methods including ADR and then make a comparative study using the Multi-Attribute Decision-Making (MADM) analysis to illustrate the coherence with respect to some attributes. Further utilizing these attributes and some selection criteria, the best possible alternative for businesses to consider for their project strategies is convincingly proved to Alternative Dispute Resolution.

KEYWORDS: Project management, Schedule, Terms, conditions, contractor, contract


Wedding is one of the essential days or events of the life of a couple, and its preparation takes time, costs much and can be difficult to plan. That’s why people make use of services or hire people like event consulting or wedding planners for it to be perfect and memorable as it means a lot to them. And as the contractors, or wedding planner they should give outstanding service to the customers to meet their demands for that particular day. But therefore, the reality is sometime different from the expectations, because of conflicts arising from the contracts due to various reasons like the terms and conditions of the agreement between the contractors, the customers and suppliers which lead to the dissatisfaction related to project budget define as, including projection of all of the cost associated with the entire project and including the operation and maintenance cost in a project budget will provide a better understanding of the total lifecycle cost[1], delay time here define as the additional travel time necessary to traverse the work zone or to detour around it[2].

Here we define the concept of ADR which is Alternative Dispute Resolution and is used to describe a set of approaches and methods aimed at resolving disputes in a no-confrontational way. ADR covers a broad spectrum of approaches, from party-to-party engagement in negotiations as the most direct way to get a mutually acceptable resolution, to arbitration and adjudication at the other end, where an external party imposes a solution. In the axis of ADR approaches between these two extremes lies “mediation,” a process by which a third party aids the disputants to reach a mutually agreed solution[3]. Then we will see which alternative suit better to the issue by rooting the problem to the source.

Then the root-cause analysis is the tool used of this part to identify the problem cause, based on the fishbone diagram that can be divided into two sections.

On the one hand, we have the customers, whose requirements are not bright enough for the contractor to meet due to different reason as every family member want to be involved or share its taste for the wedding like; the parents want an extravagant wedding; the kids want a small, meaningful, ceremony. The groom had always looked forward to a wedding in his chapel, Dodger Stadium. The bride had pictured the Greystone Mansion. Dad won’t attend unless his new wife is invited too; Mom refuses to come if the new wife is there. Pretty soon, the bride and groom’s joyful anticipation is replaced by stress and dread[4].

If you’re a wedding planner, you’ve seen it all, and you know how difficult it can be to proceed when key parties are mired in dispute.

On the other hand, the event planner (contractor) and suppliers.

And the source of this conflict results from 5 most challenge that they face which wedding tyrants are like By now, we’ve heard all about Bridezilla – she’s hysterical, controlling, and completely panicked. This is her special day, and she won’t let something as minor as a lack of expertise prevents her from running the show. Thing Bridezilla is a dying breed; it is being replaced by something far more insidious: Groomzilla. “Bridezillas want to be princesses,” writes Craig Bridger, author of Surviving Groomzilla, “But Groomzillas want to be gods.”

Low-grade competition is unlike corporate event management; there are fewer barriers to becoming a wedding planner. The result is that the contractor team is flooded with inexperienced, untrained individuals who provide less than stellar service and charge far too little for their efforts. It’s difficult for talented, experienced professionals to charge accordingly when clients are comparing apples to oranges.


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Editor’s note: Student papers are authored by graduate or undergraduate students based on coursework at accredited universities or training programs.  This paper was prepared as a deliverable for the course “International Contract Management” facilitated by Dr Paul D. Giammalvo of PT Mitratata Citragraha, Jakarta, Indonesia as an Adjunct Professor under contract to SKEMA Business School for the program Master of Science in Project and Programme Management and Business Development.  http://www.skema.edu/programmes/masters-of-science. For more information on this global program (Lille and Paris in France; Belo Horizonte in Brazil), contact Dr Paul Gardiner, Global Programme Director paul.gardiner@skema.edu.

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About the Author

Grace Stephan Nkounkou

Congo & Paris, France




Grace Stephan Nkounkou is a student in project management and business development, and junior project manager. Born in Congo, he studied in Congo and abroad like in Tunisia, South Africa and then in Paris; he has embraced multicultural which helps to adapt whatever the environment.

He is passionate of project management and especially when it comes to organize, plan, monitor or control a project. As he has been practicing throughout the years, which helped him gain experience and knowing what to do in the project management field. He just completed his MSc in project management and business development and is now seeking opportunities. He likes to take challenges about themes that today’s society is encountering.  Grace Stephan lives in Paris, France and can be contacted at gracestephan.nkounkou@skema.edu


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