The Real Business of Block Chain



Book Title:  The Real Business of Block Chain: How Leaders can Create Value in a New Digital Age
Author:  David Furlonger and Christophe Uzureau
Publisher:  HBR Press
List Price: US $32.00
Format:  Hardcover, 253 pages
Publication Date: 2019
ISBN: 978-1-63369-804-8
Reviewer: Nancy Little, PMP
Review Date: November 2019




Is Blockchain really real? Can solutions be trusted to work between trading partners? What about data security and privacy? What is the business value and what are the risks?  I had heard the buzzwords in product marketing materials and knew it may be a technology that would help financial transactions, track supply chain items or bitcoin solutions but didn’t really know anything more than the headlines and I wanted to know more.

This book definitely delivers a wealth of information.  Get ready for a challenging read and excellent overview of what early adopters have accomplished, key industries and use cases that are suited for blockchain. Plus, recommendations and actions that executives and business/technology leaders should be taking now to prepare for the decisions and changes needed to innovate with blockchain solutions in the future.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is outlined in three major areas with subchapters aligned to phases of the Gartner Blockchain spectrum, a framework outlining today’s Blockchain solutions and Gartner’s vision of blockchain evolution through 2030.


  1.  The Real Business of Blockchain


  1. Seeking Value
  2. Consorting with the Enemy


  1. Game on for Tokenization
  2. Embracing Consensus through Decentralization
  3. Market Access and Participation


  1. Unleashing the Power of Smart Things
  2. The Blockchain Organization
  3. The Blockchain Society

Conclusion:  Pursuing Your Blockchain

Each section includes diagrams of the framework components and outlines definitions for each of the terms to help the reader visualize the components. At the end of each section is also a Summary “Your Real Business Lens” to reinforce the key messages for each section by asking the following questions:


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