The Perspective of Women Project Management Professionals



Book Title:  The Perspective of Women Project Management Professionals   
Author:  Ipek Sahra Ozguler
Publisher:  Ipek Sahra Ozguler
List Price:  $14.99
Format:  189 Pages, Paperback
Publication Date:   2020
ISBN: 979-8-6242-0518-5
Reviewer: Jason Loman
Review Date: August 2020




“The Perspective of Women Project Management Professionals” is a collection of 29 interview questions from various women in project management as well as a short introduction and summary detailing Ozguler’s approach to developing the questions, statistics on the interviewees and the estimated benefits of project management. Ozguler also summarizes the responses of the interviewees in a qualitative manner that allows the reader to get a sense of the responses.

Each interviewee was asked the same group of questions intended to give the individual a well-rounded opportunity to explain how and why they got into project management, as well as important issues surrounding project management. All of the women interviewed had a good mix of experience and credentials. Women were chosen from all over the world to provide the reader with an accurate snapshot of the global opinion of women in project management.

Overview of Book’s Structure

“The Perspective of Women Project Management Professionals” consists of the dedication, acknowledgements, foreword, introduction and summary and each interview response. 29 women’s responses were recorded, each approximately two to three pages. All the interviewees had the same set of questions:

  1. Describe your journey as a project management professional.
  2. Why did you choose to become a project management professional?
  3. Have you encountered any related obstacles in advancing your career?
  4. Why is it important that more people work in the project management area?
  5. How can we encourage more people to pursue project management as a career?
  6. What do you think are the top issues that project managers face today?
  7. Do you think there is a stereotype attached to project management?
  8. Why is it important to celebrate international women’s day?
  9. On international women’s day, what is the most important message you offer to project management professionals?


Ozguler’s book records the responses of all 29 interviews in qualitative form and presents them as an insight for the reader to glean information at will. Each woman’s thoughts and opinions were her own, but several common themes emerged. Almost all of the women fell into a project management position, enjoyed it and then decided to stay and earn various certifications to further their career. Most of the problems experienced, with respect to the top issues facing PM’s today, were related to the perception of companies, managers and employees as to the role of project managers and what they were and were not capable of. Many of the interviewees referred to the maturity level of the organization as the compelling factor for PM support.


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Jason Loman is a husband and father to an adorable family as well as a business owner and entrepreneur. He earned his BS in Technical Management from Embry-Riddle with a major in Project Management. He holds a CAPM with an eye on the PMP certification and an interest in achieving a master’s in engineering management. Jason has been a project manager since 2009 in the aviation industry.

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