The Little Black Book of Project Management



Book Title: The Little Black Book of Project Management (First Edition)
Author: Michael C. Thomsett
Publisher: Amacom
List Price: $18.99
Format: Paperback & ebook
Publication Date: 1990, 2009 (3rd ed)
ISBN: 0-8144-7732-1
Reviewer: Lauren Dastmalchian
Review Date: March 2023



This book provides a structure for someone’s first time running a project. Written in 1990, The Little Black Book of Project Management covers the basics for anyone new to the world of Project Management. These basics include: breaking the project into manageable phases, controlling budget and schedule, and leading a team to success.

Overview of Book’s Structure

This 182 page book is broken into 11 chapters. Many chapters review specific elements of a project, such as “The Project Budget” and “The Communication Challenge.” The end of each chapter features “work project” questions to allow the reader to reflect on the information presented in the chapter, with an appendix of answers at the end of the book to test your learning. An index is also included to assist with quick references.


The phrase “Some things never change” immediately comes to mind upon reading this book. Despite being written over 30 years ago, “The Little Black Book of Project Management” remains highly relevant for anyone tasked with managing a project for the first time. The book reassures its readers that while projects may encounter obstacles, there are common issues that can be proactively addressed before they arise.

This book seamlessly aligns with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), making it an excellent introductory resource for those unfamiliar with the PMBOK seeking a more narrative approach to learning. Additionally, the book provides numerous real-world examples for practical application, albeit some of the references may be dated.

Overall, “The Little Black Book of Project Management” is a valuable guide for novice project managers and an excellent reference for experienced professionals seeking to enhance their project management skills…


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About the Reviewer

Lauren Dastmalchian

Dallas, Texas, USA


 Lauren Dastmalchian, CAPM, is a former music educator who has developed a strong expertise in project and event coordination over 8 years. She discovered her passion for planning and organizational techniques while teaching, and has since applied them to various aspects of her life, including her volunteer work and role as a mother and household project manager. Lauren earned her CAPM certification in October 2022, demonstrating her commitment to staying up-to-date with industry standards and best practices.

Lauren can be contacted at: laurendast@gmail.com

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