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Book Title:  The Leadership Roadmap: People, Lean and Innovation (2nd Ed.)
Author:  Dwane Baumgardner, Russell Scaffede
Publisher:  Routledge
List Price:   $34.95
Format:  Hard cover, 190 pages
Publication Date:  July 2019
ISBN: 978-1-138-31504-4
Reviewer: Amey Kulkarni
Review Date: December 2019




The Leadership Roadmap: People, Lean and Innovation is a practical source for being an excellent leader. It combines philosophies of employee engagement and Lean into one system. Leaders would be able to make organization even more successful and elevate employee satisfaction. This book provides framework for success and more importantly a step-by-step guide and shows the ropes for overall success.

This book has two authors – Dwane and Russ. Both of them are renowned leaders in the industry with rich experience in leading organizations. Dwane Baumgardner has been with Donnelly Corporation for 44 yrs including 24 yrs as chairman/CEO and 7 yrs as president/CEO. Russell ‘Russ’ Scaffede is one of the America’s most knowledgeable and successful leaders in manufacturing industry. He has been former Toyota executuive, chief operating architect for Donnelly Corporation and Tiara Yachts, former chairman of the Shingo Prize board of directors. With their experience and insights combined; this book has been a truly valuable resource for anyone who is willing to step up their game to fill in the void and initiate a positive change.

Overview of Book’s Structure

This book is primarily divided in 3 chapters and appendices with various tools. The book takes readers from one step to the next as the thoughts flow from concept to implementation steps.

Chapter 1 talks about authors philosophy and sets stage for framework of The Leadership Roadmap. You will see overview of People, Lean Enterprise and Innovation in this chapter.

Chapter 2 drills down into nuts and bolts of all 6 immutable realities that constitute the framework. You will see the framework details and discussions around its components.

Chapter 3 sheds light on how to use this framework and make it work for you. This chapter provides step by step navigation through the processes.

Appendix section is quite rich in information and provides various tools and examples that are useful in real life scenarios.


Chapter 1

Authors go over the central criteria for organizational success and provide their insights for each of those based off of their experience. You will get to see high level view of how best value can be derived in business world. Authors have used simple equation forms to explain the concepts in a very lucid way. People, being source of all social and intellectual capital, are primary drivers of lean and innovation. Authors explain the importance of developing people participation system. You will also read about how lean approach would help reduce the waste and how innovation would enhance the product offering, hence increase company bottom-line.


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Amey Kulkarni, PMP

Texas, USA



Amey Kulkarni, PMP is a professional with over eight years of experience in CRM consulting and technical project management. He has enabled customers to leverage CRM capabilities and provided IT-business alignment. Amey has led enterprise level projects in fortune 8 company in the United States (2019) and implemented CRM solutions considering scalability and long-term vision.

Amey holds masters in IT Management from University of Texas at Dallas – School of Management. He is active in the PMI-Dallas Chapter and Salesforce Trailblazer Community Dallas Group.

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