The Covid Virus is Stimulating the Evolution of Business



By Michael Marshall, PhD

Atlanta, Georgia, USA



It seems obvious to most people that businesses of all types are changing, adapting and evolving in response to the Covid Virus and its’ effects on business.

Observing this is continual daily everywhere.

Discussing this with business owners, management, staff and employees of all types of businesses and companies, confirms that business management, attitudes, operations, strategies, human resources, communications and marketing, revenue generating parts of the business are changing quickly and evolving.

Restaurants are now focusing more on the ‘take-out’, ‘pick-up’ and catering side of the business.

Enhancements and changes for more sanitation of the restaurants, employees, food preparation and food packaging for ‘take out’/’pickup’ are all advancing and evolving.

Social distancing and wearing masks are now part of daily life and work.

Some cultures are struggling with this since they are not used to this.  USA is struggling with this with 35-45% seeming to object.

Retail stores are having the same issues with customers and evolving as well with these things.

Stores are controlling and managing this but this is a challenge.

The stores are now focusing more with their online websites and selling online with home delivery.

Inventory levels are declining in the stores forcing customers to shop online via the internet.

There is an increased demand for home delivery services and logistics. This is creating new jobs.


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About the Author

Michael Marshall, PhD

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Professor Marshall has taught advanced business subjects at universities in the USA and globally, in many countries over the last 9 years.

Prior to this, Michael Marshall worked his way up to senior executive levels in various businesses and industries over 35 years.

He has served many corporate executives internationally from his own consulting firm, as well

He has over 59+ high level professional business certifications.

His 57 + global / international business publications over the last 30 years are in many business subjects; including Sales & Marketing Management, Change Management, Strategy & Implementing, Customer Service & How to Increase Sales From This , Business Creativity, Business Growth and more.

Prior to Michael’s extensive and long business career, early on when young, he worked in  behavioral health/psychology/psychiatry with his first university degrees in psychology and social human behavior.  Here he learned about what influences and motivates others, how to change and improve, and the importance to understand ‘The Psychology of Business’.

After this, he went back to the university to obtain a PhD in business and enter a progressive business career working his way up from starter level positions, though all management levels and to the executive suite.

He can be contacted at mmarshall1236@gmail.com