Taming the Risk Hurricane



Book Title:  Taming the Risk Hurricane
Author: Dr. David Hillson
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Inc.
List Price: US $29.95
Format: Softcover, 168 pages
Publication Date: 2022
ISBN: 978-1-5230-0049-4
Reviewer: Edward Spence
Review Date: June 2023



In today’s business landscape, risk evaluation has become an integral part of organizations’ everyday operations. Over the past decades, risk assessment has evolved into a fundamental component of overall business management. Recognizing this reality, the author delves into the consequences and preparedness required to address extreme risks that can significantly impact an organization.

To illustrate the significance of accounting for multiple factors when assessing risk, the author employs the analogy of a hurricane. A hurricane serves as a powerful symbol of the potential consequences that arise when risks are not adequately considered. Like how readiness and preparation are essential in facing an approaching hurricane, businesses must also prioritize preparedness for managing and mitigating risks. The severity and destructive potential of a hurricane align with the diverse risks that may come into play when an extreme risk event occurs.

By utilizing this analogy, the author effectively provides readers with a subconscious visualization of the profound impact that risks can have on organizations and businesses, drawing parallels between the societal implications of a hurricane and the consequences of unaddressed risks in a business context. Through this relatable framework, readers gain a deeper understanding of the importance of risk management and the critical need for readiness in navigating and surviving the challenges posed by extreme risks.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is structured into eight chapters, each presenting a distinct aspect of risk management in a business context. Throughout the book, the author effectively draws comparisons between the conditions of a hurricane and the challenges posed by risk in the business world. This analogy serves as a powerful framework that enhances the readers’ understanding of the subject matter.

Each chapter focuses on a specific facet of risk management, offering valuable insights and practical guidance. The author adeptly utilizes the hurricane comparison to highlight the similarities and draw meaningful connections between the two domains. This approach allows readers to grasp the concepts more intuitively and facilitates a deeper comprehension of the impact of risk on businesses.

With this structure, readers can expect a coherent progression of ideas and an exploration of key topics related to risk management. The book’s format effectively aligns the conditions and dynamics of a hurricane with the complexities of managing and mitigating risk in a business environment, providing readers with a compelling and relatable perspective throughout their journey of understanding risk management principles.


This book takes a comprehensive exploration of risk management using the analogy of a Risk Hurricane. The chapters have examined the formation, impact, and aftermath of both a natural hurricane and Risk Hurricane events in business. Discussed are how the factors contributing to a hurricane align with the challenges posed by risk in today’s business world, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and resilience.


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