Supply Management and Procurement



Book Title:  Supply Management and Procurement: From the Basics to Best-in-Class
Author: Robert W. Turner
Publisher: J. Ross Publishing, Inc.
List Price: $59.95
Format: Hardcover 6×9, 272 pages
Publication Date: 2011
ISBN: 978-1-60427-063-1
Reviewer: Michael J. Fellers, PMP
Review Date:  June 2022



In today’s highly connected and often fragile global economy, it is crucial that business professionals understand how their company’s supply management and procurement strategy can either add or subtract value to their organization.  Whether they conduct only basic purchasing activities relegated to an organizational entity or they practice cross-functional strategic supply management, incremental improvements in their knowledge and processes can have a dramatic effect on profitability.  In this book, Mr. Robert Turner provides a straightforward, comprehensive overview of all supply management and procurement factors that a company should consider to be the best-in-class.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is divided into a preface, twenty chapters, and three appendices.  In the preface, Mr. Turner provides his motivation for writing on this subject and describes the features that make it an indispensable source for decision makers who are pursuing success.  Throughout the book he intersperses examples from his prior experiences in procurement, marketing, and operations management.

The chapters are relatively short, averaging about ten pages in length, and are easy to digest.  Chapter 1 through Chapter 4 introduce the broad concept of “supply management” and provide an overview of the scope of the book.  Chapters 5 through 18 cover specific topics such as process maps, benchmarking, risk management, and writing RFPs.  Chapter 19 provides a thorough summary of all the topics, and Chapter 20 discusses implementing change.

Two case studies are presented early in the material that help to form a structure to which the reader may adhere the concepts that follow.  Appendix A contains the answers to the case study questions.  Appendix B describes transportation terms and definitions.  Appendix C contains useful formulas relating to finance, risk, process capability, and inventory.


In his book, Mr. Turner attempts to convey everything he has learned in his 40 years of experience about anything relating to procurement and strategic supply management.  As such, the breadth of subjects is wide, covering topics such as supply chain design, sourcing methodology, international trade, critical thinking, forecasting, and negotiations.  You will find helpful recommendations for submitting requests for proposals as well as a methodology for ranking and prioritizing projects.


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