Road to Net Zero



By Joshua Farnsworth

Tunley Engineering

Leeds, England, UK

Climate Change- a term quickly becoming ever more prominent in the makeup of everyday life. From family discussions to news headlines, the topic dominates current social spheres, and rightly so.

With politicians and bureaucrats disguising the issue through political grandeur and meek reactionary “actions on climate”, it seems fitting to address the basic premise of the climate crisis, and to shed light on the importance of the power and will of the people in response to its impending imposition.

The news recently has offered a bleak outlook of the current international situation the globe finds itself in regarding climate change, and unfortunately, it is only set to worsen. Increased instances of wildfires, flooding and massive landslides have been documented over the past few months, and year on year global temperatures have increased, with 2020 marking the hottest year on record.

The quickly deteriorating global situation requires monumental solutions and transformational changes to global structures and an even greater shift in attitudes and mobilisation from the public.

The latest IPCC report has identified what many already new, that without action, the effects of climate change will worsen and pose a grave threat to humanity and life systems on earth as we know it.

But this is not a time to despair, this is a time for action, and there is no time better than the present.


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About the Author

Joshua Farnsworth

Tunley Engineering
Leeds, England, UK


Joshua Farnsworth is a Carbon Reduction Engineer at Tunley Engineering in Leeds. Joshua joined Tunley Engineering whilst completing his Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Climate Change Politics at the University of Sheffield.  Having previously completed an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Government from Newcastle University, he specialised in environmental politics and policy, and finished his 3-year course with a dissertation focusing on US environmental politics and governance. With knowledge and expertise in global and national environmental policies and climate change governance, Joshua offers companies and government officials alike a different perspective within the Carbon Reduction Team to expand and explore solutions to the climate crisis. He can be contacted via www.tunley-engineering.com