Report on Scientometric Analysis


of “The role of Big Data in Modern Project Management”


By Aibek Zhambyl, Aidana Abdeshova and Zhanel Kenzhibayeva

Kazakh-British Technical University

Almaty, Kazakhstan


Informational technology has been developing very rapidly over the last few decades. Informational technology has become an important part of modern science and industry. The other thing, whose popularity has been growing as an important part of modern industry, is Big Data. Big Data’s importance has been proven by its high value in offering analytics and better solutions based on big amounts of quantitative data, which can help to design sophisticated projects with fine decisions.

Research purpose

The goal of this research report is to understand the level of integration of Big Data in the Project Management sector, the trends, correlation and level of linking between different categories in the bonding of Big Data and Project management.


To achieve our purpose, the study analysed 773 publications relevant to Big Data, Project Management and its allied categories. A Co-word Analysis Technique (CWAT), a scientometric method for quantitative analysis of the content of academic publications, was applied for this study. The study utilised the VOSViewer® software tool specifically designed for constructing and visualising bibliometric maps. Our keywords were: Big Data, Project, Management, Role.

Scopus search settings

The search data on the Scopus portal was with the limitations to be relevant to the Master’s Program research. The search keywords look in a such way:

TITLE-ABS-KEY (“big data” AND “project” AND “management”  OR  “role”)  AND  (LIMIT-TO (SRCTYPE ,  “j”)) AND (LIMIT-TO ( DOCTYPE ,  “ar”) OR (LIMIT-TO (DOCTYPE ,  “re”)) AND (LIMIT-TO (LANGUAGE ,  “English”))

Search link: https://www.scopus.com/results/results.uri?sort=plf-f&src=s&sid=1869cedb47e57ca78f651f53612590a3&sot=a&sdt=a&cluster=scosrctype%2c%22j%22%2ct%2bscosubtype%2c%22ar%22%2ct%2c%22re%22%2ct%2bscolang%2c%22English%22%2ct&sl=69&s=TITLE-ABS-KEY+%28+%22big+data%22+AND+%22project%22+AND+%22management%22+OR+%22role%22+%29&origin=searchadvanced&editSaveSearch=&txGid=32420709e55b7be1691303f3c2c4f42c

The main keywords are Big Data, Project, Management and Role. The source type was chosen to be limited to journals and the document type is article and review. Only the sources in the English language were considered for this research.

Export data

For the export of the Scopus database results it was chosen to export using the CSV file format, which can be opened using the Microsoft Excel program and imported by VOSViewer®.

The settings for the export data are such (see Table 1. CSV export):


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Editor’s note: This paper was produced for the course Business Research Methods in the Project Management graduate program at the Kazak British Technical University in Kazakhstan.  Supervising professor was Dr. Timur Narbaev.

How to cite this article: Zhambyl, A., Abdeshova, A., Kenzhibayeva, Z. (2022).  Report on Scientometric Analysis of “The role of Big Data in Modern Project Management”, PM World Journal, Vol. XI, Issue VIII, August. Available online at https://pmworldlibrary.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/pmwj120-Aug2022-Zhambyl-Abdeshova-Kenzhibayeva-role-of-big-data-in-project-management.pdf

About the Authors

Aibek Zhambyl



Aibek Zhambyl graduated Kazakhstan Maritime Academy with a bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering and Technologies. Currently working at the Maritime Academy as an assistant lecturer and pursuing a master’s degree in Project Management at KBTU to apply the knowledge on big projects in the maritime industry of Kazakhstan. Aibek can be contacted at aibekzhambylmail@gmail.com


Aidana Abdeshova



Aidana Abdeshova graduated Satbayev Kazakh National Technical University with a bachelor of science in Mathematics and Economics. Presently enrolled in a master’s program in Project Management at KBTU in hopes of gaining knowledge to embark on a fulfilling career in business. Aidana can be contacted at abdeshovaaidana1@gmail.com


Zhanel Kenzhibayeva



Zhanel Kenzhibayeva has a bachelor’s degree in Radio engineering and telecommunications. This led to her working in the telco industry for 5 years. During two years she worked as a product manager in a mobile operator company. She decided to continue her education and pursue a Master of Science in Project Management from Kazakh-British technical University (KBTU) to learn more about project management. Zhanel can be contacted at kenzhibaeva1997@gmail.com