Report from Belo Horizonte


Projects in the Time of Covid-19: An Invisible Hero; Post-Covid Projects; Brazil and Minas Gerais Facing Covid-19 (with ratios) and Staying at Home



By Manuel Carvalho da Silva Neto

International Correspondent

Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil




Covid-19 is a huge challenge not just to Health Systems, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, and psychologists, but also to people in general, politicians, rulers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, shareholders, and, project managers.

You can think: why project managers?

Well, let´s see.

Many cities have erected emergency field (or camp) hospitals. Emergency field hospitals, in general, are erected and equipped so quickly. They demand a lot of things, e.g. water and energy supply, sewage system, garbage treatment and removal, oxygen and other hospital gases, lighting, emergency lights, emergency power generator, steam, food supply for inpatients and hospital crew, toilets, locker rooms, change rooms, staff rooms, IT Systems, computers, medicines, medical devices, skilled staff and specialized medical teams, beds, ventilators, monitors, oximeters and a lot of other things.

It is certainly a tough task, to get, install and test all these systems and equipment, coordinate the efforts of the various teams in charge and have everything ready to operate in 10, 15 or 20 days.

Otherwise, I can bet that several companies are running to develop ICC ventilators and monitors, while others are adapting its lines to produce PPEs.

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies are rushing to develop vaccines and researchers are testing drugs, also.

Organizations and companies worldwide are trying to help, donating masks, ventilators, tests, ambulances, beds, food, hygiene and cleaning supplies, potable water, medicines, PPEs, and other items to populations, hospitals, NGOs, and governments.

Who manages and coordinates all these critical projects (Yes! They are projects!!!)?

Who cares about scope, time, schedule, cost, quality, and so on?

Who faces pressure, stress, and challenges to put all these hospitals, equipment, devices, drugs, etc., working asap?

Answer: The Project Manager.

There are a lot of anonymous heroes in pandemic times. One of them is the Project Manager. A hidden hero, an invisible hero, but also, a hero.


Some people say that after the Covid-19 pandemic, we will live a “new normal”.

I am not sure about this and I don´t know what is this “new normal”. I´m not a prophet or futurologist. But there are some clues about the day after…



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About the Author


Manuel Carvalho da Silva Neto

Minas Gerais, Brazil



Manuel Carvalho da Silva Neto, MSc, Mech. Engineer and PMP is Fundação Dom Cabral Invited Professor and also Consultant. He is a seasoned professional with over 44 years of experience in Project Management, Process Management and Strategy. Manuel has managed or participated in more than four hundred huge projects across different fields including Steel, Mining, IT, Telecom, Food Processing, Government and Construction, to mention a few. He worked also in projects to implement PMO (Project Management Office) and Project Management Methodology. He has also strong skills in Leading People and Finance. He served as Minas Gerais State Undersecretary for Planning and Budget, from 2007 to 2008. Manuel can be contacted at carvalhoneto.manuel@gmail.com.

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