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Book Title: Relationships at Work: How to Authentically Network within Your Company[1]
Author: Rachel B. Simon
Publisher: Amplify Publishing, 1st Edition
List Price: $9,99
Format: Kindle Edition, 296 pages
Publication Date: 2023
ISBN: 9781637555385
Reviewer: Christa Ward
Review Date: March 2024


In Relationships at Work: How to Authentically Network Within Your Company, author and executive Rachel Simon provides an essential guide for initiating, cultivating, and navigating internal networks at every career stage.

Overview of Book’s Structure

Simon offers a solution-oriented approach to the often-overwhelming work of building networks and simplifies the process with achievable, actionable steps. She also provides tools for the reader and explains why the recommendations work. From the humorous opening description of her early networking journey to her successful strategies and the book’s conclusion, practicality and effectiveness fill every chapter. This is where the book delivers its greatest impact.


Simon has a relaxed conversational style that lends itself to the book’s practicality. With each strategy she shares a brief story for context, describes why it works, and provides tools to allow the reader to reflect and apply the strategy to their situation in real time. For example, she shares a series of stories of how remote employees in her work group, each at different professional levels, successfully uncovered opportunities to create a genuine, personal relationship with her. The circumstances of each scenario are different but the tactics and language each person used to build the relationship prioritized meaningful, live conversation. In one instance, Simon recalls the individual made such an impression during a series of meetings that “she was the only person who had truly stood out in a such a positive, self-motivated way.”

Simon’s leadership in this space is further proven by the effectiveness of her strategies. The inclusive approach she offers feels achievable and respectful. Her work to forge a set of strategies that honors her introverted nature and builds genuine relationships has grown into a popular talk she often gives within her company. Across the wide range of colleagues who found success applying the tips, those who prioritized their relationships created meaningful connections and expanded their networks. The tips also work at the executive level, and Simon shares how she initiated a connection with her boss’s boss to ground herself in a new role.

Highlights: What I liked!

The strategies prioritize cultivating authentic relationships and are accessible for all professionals.


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