Quantum Project Management and the Concept of Space-time



By Bob Prieto

Jupiter, Florida, USA


In my paper “Quantum Project Management[1]” I draw an analogy between relativistic and quantum theories associated with physics and what we see and experience in Large Complex Projects (LCP). Among the concepts discussed is the notion of space-time and the analogous behaviors we experience in LCP.

I further expand on this concept in a draft supplementary work entitled, “Quantum Project Management – Execution in “Space-time[2]

Let’s delve into the fascinating concept of space-time and draw an analogy to certain behaviors in large, complex projects.


In physics, space-time is a conceptual model that unifies three dimensions of space (length, width, and height) with the fourth dimension of time. It’s the stage upon which all events occur in the universe. Imagine a fabric that combines space and time, where massive objects create curves and warps. These curves influence how objects move and interact.

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Turning to Large Complex Projects (LCP), several analogies can be identified:

  1. Project Phases as Space-Time Coordinates:

Just as space-time coordinates pinpoint an event’s location, project phases (initiation, planning, and execution) represent different points in a project’s timeline. From a broader perspective these space-time coordinates can be thought to extend through the operating and maintenance phases of the project to completion of end-of-life activities. My thoughts here will focus on the initial project deployment phase.

Each project phase has its own dynamics, challenges, and interactions, akin to how space-time regions near massive objects behave differently.

Analogy: Think of project phases as distinct regions in the space-time fabric, each affecting the project’s trajectory.


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About the Author

Bob Prieto

Chairman & CEO
Strategic Program Management LLC
Jupiter, Florida, USA


Bob Prieto is Chairman & CEO of Strategic Program Management LLC focused on strengthening engineering and construction organizations and improving capital efficiency in large capital construction programs. Previously Bob was a senior vice president of Fluor focused on the development, delivery and turnaround of large, complex projects worldwide across the firm’s business lines, and Chairman of Parsons Brinckerhoff.

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Bob served until 2006 as one of three U.S. presidential appointees to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Advisory Council (ABAC). He chaired the World Economic Forum’s Engineering & Construction Governors and co-chaired the infrastructure task force in New York after 9/11.  He can be contacted at rpstrategic@comcast.net.

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[2] Prieto, R. (2024). Quantum Project Management – Execution in “Space-time https://www.researchgate.net/publication/378744964_Quantum_Project_Management_-_Execution_in_Space-time