Quality Auditing in Construction Projects



Book Title:  Quality Auditing in Construction Projects
Author:  Abdul Razzak Rumane
Publisher:  Routledge
List Price:  $169.95
Format:  Hardcover, 561 pages
Publication Date: 2019
ISBN: 978-0-8153-8531-8
Reviewer: Michael J. Miers, PMP
Review Date: September 2020




Quality Auditing in Construction Projects is a handbook and like a true handbook can be considered a reference and a collection of useful information for true construction management professionals.  The content includes coverage of processes for audit compliance to ISO, project specific quality and corporate quality management systems. This is a detail rich book that is right for construction professionals, students or academics with an interest in quality auditing in the construction industry.

The book is written in a way that includes useful ideas and practical approaches from cases reviewed in the book. This book has an enormous amount content and detail that covers over 500 pages.

Overview of Book’s Structur

Quality Auditing in Construction Projects is arranged in seven chapters that are subdivided into outline numbered sections covering various aspects of audit related topics. The book begins with a useful List of Figures and Tables followed by List of Abbreviations and List of Synonyms.

Material is arranged as follows:

Chapter One – Overview of construction projects
Chapter Two – ISO certification for the construction industry
Chapter Three – Auditing standards for construction projects
Chapter Four – Auditing fundamentals
Chapter Five – Auditor / Auditing team selection for construction projects
Chapter Six – Auditing process for life cycle phases
Chapter Seven – Audit reporting


The opening chapter is an Overview of Construction projects which quickly and clearly exemplifies the author’s deep knowledge and passion for construction management and quality auditing.

The chapter on ISO certification was developed well by taking the reader through very basic explanation of the importance of standards and then building on by presenting some of the best-known organizations in the quality field. The very basic Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle is at the core of quality management systems was expertly described and depicted in a graphic representation.  Make no mistake even though fundamental concepts were presented this book went much further in content and coverage.


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About the Reviewer

Michael J. Miers, MBA, PMP

Texas, USA


Michael J. Miers is a Quality Manager with experience leading Research and Development projects and technical sales support functions. Track record for achieving improvements in cost, quality, cycle time and business processes. Additional experience: Project Management, Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. ISO Internal Auditor for ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental Stds, Six Sigma Green Belt Certified and Black Belt trained, Risk Assessment Moderator, Design for Reliability, Engineering Documentation Control. BS Degree in Industrial Engineering Technology and a Masters of Business Administration.

Associate Faculty teaching courses in: Production and Operations Management; Computer Graphics and Design, Project Procurement Management and Management of Organizations.

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