QTNT: The Quotient



Book Title:  QTNT: The Quotient
Author:  Rick Gillis
Publisher:  QTNT Publishing
List Price:   $49.98 (Amazon)
Format:  Hardcover, 248 pages
Publication Date:   24 Sep 2019
ISBN: 978-1693687051
Reviewer:  Dan Harrier, PMP
Review Date: May 2022



Enjoyable reading, replete with examples.

Rick demonstrates how to quantify accomplishments with real numbers: Results achieved in dollars (Contribution to the company) divided by wages (Pay); Use the resulting number as a basis for future pay increases, job interviews, or appraisals.

All workers can punch the clock and fill the hours of the workday, but Rick’s formula applies what the person actually contributed to the growth of the company divided by the amount of compensation they earned.

Overview of Book’s Structure

“The Quotient is divided into two audience segments as Book 1 and Book II” (quote from the introduction).

Book 1 explains the fundamentals the Quotient (hereby designated as “QTNT”), followed by several examples of how to apply this calculation to various jobs, tasks, and companies.

Book 2 comes much later after the reader is thoroughly immersed in the QTNT methodology, and applies the principles to Enterprise and Big Business.

The short chapters, detailed examples, and repeatable math make the reading easy and enjoyable, like an article in a newspaper or online synopsis.


I chose to review this book precisely because I didn’t recognize the meaning of the term on the cover (QTNT), and wanted to know more.  It didn’t take long for the author to explain this: Contribution (C) ÷ Pay (P) = The QTNT (quotient).

This book forced me to grade my own experience, working 8 hours per day, 5 days a week, or about 2,080 hours per year.  What did I really accomplish in all those hours on the job?  Is there a quantifiable way to measure my value to the company?  Mr. Gillis answers this with several examples.


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About the Reviewer

Dan Harrier

San Antonio, Texas, USA


Dan Harrier is a 26-year veteran of the Air Force and has spent the past 17 years as a contractor for commercial companies and government contracts.

His credentials are a BS from the Air Force Academy, an MBA from Georgia College, and certifications in Project Management (PMP) and Six Sigma (CSSBB).

He can be contacted at dan.harrier@gmail.com

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