Pursuing Enterprise Outcomes



Book Title:  Pursuing Enterprise Outcomes: Maximizing Business Value and Improving Strategy for Organizations and Teams
Author:  Alex Yakyma
Publisher:  Self-published on Amazon
List Price:   $29.00
Format: Paperback (290 pages) & eBook
Publication Date:  August 2020        
ISBN: 978-0-9981629-2-8
Reviewer:  Rodger L. Martin, PMP, ACP
Review Date: October 2020




Enterprises struggle in achieving their desired outcomes when there are complex tasks in multiple areas across several organizational boundaries.  They struggle because they do not have effective methods to identify the organizational disconnects and complex bottlenecks.

The author presents tools to help in identification of that complexity, discover the outcomes and business value that needs to be delivered, and drive a complex solution.  The author provides a method “to see the opportunity for creating enterprise value where others can’t see it.”

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is divided into 7 Chapters plus Reference Explanation/Commentary and 90 References. Many of the references have URL links. Each chapter ends with a “Taking Action” section, a checklist for implementation.

  • Chapter 1 introduces a graphical approach to documenting organizational disconnects.  This technique is utilized and expanded throughout the book.
  • Chapter 2 discusses “How to Uncover Disconnects” using observation, conversation and a mixing of the tools. The author emphasizes the power of “Asking the Same Question.”
  • Chapter 3 digs deeper into “Pursuing Outcomes” rather than just “Outputs.”  It makes the case that many enterprises are not focused on the Outcomes, thereby wasting their efforts.
  • Chapter 4 discusses the “Art and Science of Probing.”  It tackles the elusive issue of “Unknown Unknowns,” which increase complexity.
  • Chapter 5 expands on the “Mystery of Business Value.”  This is a term frequently used in Agile Methods, but seldom explained in meaningful detail.
  • Chapter 6 deep dives into “Complex Bottlenecks and Emergent Solutions.” It provides guidance on strategies for the emergent solutions.
  • Chapter 7 closes with a discussion of “Strategy and Leverage Points.” “Viable strategy hinges on the ability to perceive and size leverage points.”


The author starts with a tool discussion (since for many this is a new diagramming technique) for understanding disconnects and bottlenecks. He then presents how to implement these tools and techniques.  Next he discusses Business Value.  Finally he ties it all together to develop a viable strategy and identify leverage points.

I liked the tool discussion, the focus on Outcomes over Outputs, and the in-depth discussions of Business Value, complex bottlenecks, strategy and leverage points.


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