Project Management, Strategic Design and Implementation



Book Title:  Project Management, Strategic Design and Implementation, 5th Edition
Author: David I Cleland, Lewis R. Ireland
Publisher: McGraw Hill
List Price: $73.00 – $108.00
Format: Hardcover, 523 pages
Publication Date: 2006
ISBN: 0-07-147160-X
Reviewer: Suchitra Veera
Review Date: October 2023


David Cleland and Lewis Ireland provide comprehensive information on many topics related to projects and project management in the book titled “Project Management Strategic Design and Implementation”. This book provides in-depth knowledge on the project management process, contextual details of how projects fit into the overall organizational strategy and information on how projects enable implementation of the business strategies. It also covers key topics relevant to managing projects including the organizational and leadership structure, stakeholder management, cultural considerations, as well as operational and measurement topics.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book is organized in seven parts as follows:

Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: The Evolution of Project Management
Chapter 2: Why Project Management?
Chapter 3: The Project Management Process

Part 2: The Strategic Context of Projects

Chapter 4: When to Use Project Management
Chapter 5: The Strategic Context of Projects
Chapter 6: The Board of Directors and Major Projects
Chapter 7: Project Stakeholder Management
Chapter 8: Strategic Issues in Project Management

Part 3: Organizational Design for Project Management

Chapter 9: Organizing for Project Management
Chapter 10: Project Portfolio Management
Chapter 11: Project Authority
Chapter 12: Project Management Maturity

Part 4: Project Operations

Chapter 13: Project Planning
Chapter 14: Project Management Information System
Chapter 15: Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Control
Chapter 16: The Project Earned Value Management System
Chapter 17: Project Termination

Part 5: Interpersonal Dynamics in the Management of Projects

Chapter 18: Project Leadership
Chapter 19: Project Communications
Chapter 20: Successful Project Teams

Part 6: The Cultural Elements

Chapter 21: Continuous Improvement through Projects
Chapter 22: Cultural Considerations in Project Management

Part 7: New Prospects

Chapter 23: Alternative Project Teams


The book starts with an interesting description of the background and history of project management in the context of the history of civilizations, and the building of historic structures. It continues to discuss project management with the backdrop of military campaigns followed by modern projects. Another highlight of the book is its coverage of the topic of strategic issues related to projects, wherein the impact of external and internal factors impacting organizational strategy and projects are discussed with examples. Operational topics such as project management information system and earned value management system provide in-depth information on the planning and implementation aspects of each of these systems.


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Suchitra Veera has 20 years of experience in the consumer goods, retail, financial, and other industries as product manager and leading projects and programs. She has implemented software development, digital transformation, analytics, and data science & engineering projects. She has volunteered as a project management corporate trainer at a Fortune 100 company and as a training facilitator for the PMI Cincinnati Chapter and Dallas Chapter. She holds an MBA from the University of Maryland, and master’s and doctoral degrees from University of Reading, Henley Business School, UK.

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