Project Lessons from The Great Escape



Book Title:  Project Lessons from The Great Escape (StalagLuft III)
Author: Mark Kozak-Holland
Publisher: Multi-Media Publications Inc.
List Price: $29.95 USD
Format: Softcover, 276 pages
Publication Date: 2007   
ISBN: 1-895186-80-3
Reviewer: Kimberly Stephens
Review Date: July 2023


In its riveting introduction, “Lessons from the Great Escape (Stalag Luft III)” sets the stage for a captivating exploration of the audacious escape attempt and its enduring impact of the POWs (Prisoners of War).

Overview of Book’s Structure

Project Lessons from the Great Escape (Stalag Luft III) explores the vast complexities of the infamous World War II prison camp and diligently examines the planning, execution, and what some may deem as a painstaking aftermath of the daring escape attempt by POWs. The book presents a comprehensive analysis of the escape operation, intertwined with personal accounts, historical context and lessons learned, offering us as readers an enthralling narrative and valuable insights into the resilience, creativity and camaraderie of the prisoners involved.


Personal Stories: Alongside the historical analysis, the book incorporates first-hand accounts and testimonials from the POWs themselves, providing a poignant and very human perspective on the escape attempt and the experience of those involved.

Lessons Learned: “Project Lessons from the Great Escape (Stalag Luft III) goes beyond recounting the events and expounds on the enduring lessons that can be learned from the escape attempt according to the PMBOK knowledge areas. It explores a range of emotions such as resilience, teamwork, leadership, and adaptability, offering valuable insights applicable to both historical and contemporary contexts.

Highlights: What I liked!                                             

What I enjoyed about “Project Lessons from the Great Escape (Stalag Luft III)” was the powerful depiction of unity and resilience as the prisoners defied the odds, coming together and working as a cohesive force in their pursuit of freedom.


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