Project: Execution



Book Title:  Project: Execution
Author:  Helgi Thor Ingason and Haukur Ingi Jonasson
Publisher:  Routledge
List Price:  $60.00
Format:  Hardcover, 254 pages
Publication Date: July 2019
ISBN: 978-1-138-33867-8
Reviewer: Diego Alvarado, PMP
Review Date: November/December 2019




This book is part of a series of four that are written for anyone who needs to be able to lead and participate in different types of projects.

The series is tailored to help you strengthen four key proficiencies in very creative way: strategy, leadership, implementation and communication.

The book is aligned to the most recent version of IPMA Competence Baseline ICB4.

Overview of Book’s Structure

The book has 9 chapters. Each chapter contains examples of different project, programs and portfolios. The book structure is based on the concepts described in IPMA.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction – Professional associations and certification, Bodies of knowledge, Structure of the book and bibliography.
  • Chapter 2: Projects, Programmes, and Portfolios (PPP): concepts, history and context
  • Chapter 3: Planning: definition and the environment
  • Chapter 4: Planning: objectives, time and the critical path
  • Chapter 5: Planning: resources, management structure, and role/task division
  • Chapter 6: Project start-up, co-operation, and information
  • Chapter 7: Uncertainty and risk management-related
  • Chapter 8: The project manager and the project team
  • Chapter 9: Project Close-out


The book is academical structured, focusing on the concepts and finishing each section with “Reflection Points” where it has questions related to the topics covered.

The book is written in a way that the reader can not only focus on the technical concepts but it also gives examples in each concept which are relevant in today market.


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About the Reviewer


Diego Alvarado

Argentina & Texas


Diego Alvarado, PMP has worked as a project manager since 2016, but engaged in project management activities since 2013. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications from the University Blas Pascal at Cordoba, Argentina. He obtained his Project Management Professional certification in 2017. His experience is managing software developments, integration and deployment in the Telecommunication industry working across telecom companies in various countries. He has lived in Argentina, UK and USA. His current job is at Nokia as a Program Business Manager where he has been for more than 13 years.

He is passionate in mentoring startups on operations and technology. Diego is a member of the Dallas, Texas PMI Chapter. He can be contacted at diegoealvarado@gmail.com


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