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Book Title:  Program Management Professional (PgMP): A certification Study Guide with Best Practices for Maximizing Business Results
Authors: Craig Letavec, PMP, Steven Rollins, PMP, Dianne Altwies, PMP
Publisher: J. Ross Publishing
List Price: $69.95
Format: softcover, 336 pages
Publication Date: 2007ISBN: 978-1-932159-86-8
Reviewer: Kimberly Brown, PMP
Review Date: May 2022



This study guide provides an in depth view of Managing Programs and explains the relationship of the Program Manager to the Governance, the Program Execution, Change Management and  Product Life Cycles. Each Chapter provides definitions and clearly defined objectives of the Program Manager to each stage/phase of the program from Pre-Program setup thru the 5 processes (5 process groups).  Thru these explanations the authors stress the point that the Program Manager must realize that their responsibility spans well beyond that of the Project Manager and then at various intervals they provide a matrix showing Program vs Project management Responsibility.  Aside from the actual process steps that are expected of a Program Manager, it dictates that the Program Manager must be a strong leader, have strong communication skills, have the ability to influence and negotiate and be able to analyze any situation quickly and efficiently which only experience would be able to provide these strengths.

Overview of Book’s Structure

  • Chapter 1. Explains PMI’s PgMP certification requirements.
  • Chapters 2 thru 5 Describe the Program Managers Relationship with the Business Environment, Organizational Governance, Execution Management, Portfolio and Change Management.
  • Chapters 6 thru 8 Describe the Program Life cycles and the Program Managers role in each.
  • Chapter 9 The soft side of the Program Manager
  • Chapters 10-15 are in-depth look at the Process Groups
  • Chapters 16 – 19 Program Configuration Management, Process Mapping, Program Management Office, OPM3.
  • Chapter 20 describes the PgMP Credentialing Process


The preface is very engaging.  These authors write with passion and genuinely want to share with their audience and do their best to keep them interested throughout the book.

The Authors assumption that “Most employers” lack defined business practices to standardize successful Project management is questionable.  However, with this assumption they explain much more to the reader than they would have if these Business Practices were assumed to be in place. The Definitions are excellent and very useful.  The “Points To Know” are factual statements about steps that would be taken at different phases, or it provides guidance to the Program manager on their responsibilities which tends to make the reader think about each phase and what is necessary to complete. At the end of each chapter there are 10 test questions that will help to ensure that the reader has absorbed the information within the chapter and hopefully they understand how to use the Data in their day-to-day Program Management position.


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About the Reviewer

Kimberly Brown

Texas, USA


Kim Brown has been a Progam/Project Manager for over 30 years in the same industry.  She achieved her PMP certification in 2013 which has led to endles opportunities.  She has worked for several large Corporate Project Management Offices.  She is currently a Construction Manager at Ericsson. Kim lives in North Texas and is a member of the PMI Dallas Chapter.

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